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More Angel Broking clients are tapping strategic trading solutions following the FinTech broker’s partnership with Streak, a strategic trading platform. The tie-up allows Angel Broking clients to plan and manage their trades by deploying trading strategies without any prior coding knowledge.

Streak’s intuitive interface enables Angel Broking clients to create, back-test, and deploy trading strategies live in the stock market, within a minute. With the Streak integration, retail clients get to discover pre-built strategies, scan live markets for trading signals, and paper trade without coding. They can either use pre-built strategies with Streak (while analyzing their back-testing performances) or go live with their own trading strategy seamlessly. Angel Broking clients can also conduct sector-wise scanning of the market or do so for a basket of stocks with custom conditions.

Speaking about the partnership, Mr. Prabhakar Tiwari, Chief Growth Officer, Angel Broking said, “Angel Broking believes in leveling the playing field with the integration of state-of-the-art technology solutions into its platform. Earlier, such a solution was accessible only to professionals, institutional investors, hedge funds, and HNIs. Now, any retail investor can tap the same. With such integrations, our goal is to democratize trading for all stakeholders, especially millennial, first-time investors across the country.”

Mr. Dinesh Thakkar, CMD, Angel Broking said, “Today, the share of automated trades or algorithmic trading is gradually increasing in the stock market. It is because this tech-driven approach is more time-efficient, lucrative, and less prone to errors. However, a person needs to have relevant coding skills in order to tap the same. This leaves the common investors at a disadvantage as they cannot outperform algorithms. At Angel Broking, we believe that it is our responsibility to ensure that our clients make the most out of their trades. Our partnership with Streak builds along these lines and is improving the portfolio performance of Angel Broking clients as of now.”

Since it requires zero coding skills, Streak’s interface allows clients to place their trading ideas in simple language, which are then converted into computerized code. On top of it, users can leverage more than 70 technical indicators to create trading strategies. 

The platform further keeps the users notified about every activity happening in the trading world so that they can track and align their trades accordingly. Streak’s cloud-based technology allows clients to run the fastest back-tests, as one can review all the trading strategies of the last five years on any device seamlessly.


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