Home parties aren’t too trendy in 2021, and we’re all aware of the main reason. Therefore, virtual events have taken the lead, and the social networks are teeming with invitations. Party businesses held at home started to embrace virtual parties, which was an inevitable scenario.

2021 seems like the perfect opportunity for virtual businesses after-hours events, and it’s time to take into account five of the best ideas for hosting such events:

Find the right platform

Before doing anything else, you have to find the right platform to host the events. There are dozens of group calling apps available on the internet, which means that you just have to establish with your teammates which one you want. Just to name a few, you can use Zoom, Skype, Facebook Messenger Rooms, Telegram, or even the good ol’ WhatsApp. Many video calling apps are free of charge and loaded with a lot of useful features.

Our top recommendation remains WhatsApp, and the reasons are numerous. The app is insanely popular (over 2 billion users), which automatically makes it very suitable for your event. It’s in your obvious interest to search for apps that are used by as many people as possible. 

Choose a discussion topic

To make the meeting more interesting, it’s best to first establish a certain topic. You can talk about a subject that most people are interested in, but you should also avoid highly predictable topics that we’re all tired of, such as relationships or how to have higher confidence in yourself. Instead, you can hold a conversation with your teammates about climate change, religion, or the stock market.

You can also speak to others about how the ongoing pandemic affects the world in other countries, assuming that each of the team members has connections abroad. Different political leaders have imposed different restrictions and ways of dealing with the pandemic, making it near to impossible to predict how travelling to other countries can affect a person.

Start a Scrabble tournament

Playing Scrabble is a great way to enjoy moments together in a fun, intellectual, and prosperous way. We’re talking about one of the best and most popular puzzle games on the planet, as Scrabble still delights millions of people. The inventor of the game created it for uplifting spirits at the end of the Great Depression between 1929 and 1933.

Scrabble Word Finder can be played by two to four people at once, and each of them has to prove that he’s better with words. Scrabble aims to improve the players’ knowledge and vocabulary, and it does it in a very convincing way! Players may even use a Jumble solver to get quick around and move on quickly to fun game ahead.

Words with Friends is also a great alternative

If for some reason, you don’t like Scrabble, there’s a chance you’ll enjoy Words with Friends. As the name itself suggests, Words with Friends has to be played between more people at once. Players will have to take turns as they build words in crossword-puzzle style in a manner similar to Scrabble. Although the rules of the two games are pretty similar, there are certain differences. In Words with Friends, up to 40 games can be played at the same time using push notifications.

Virtual game night for laughing out loud

Sometimes it’s enough just to have a good laugh, so why not take advantage of a good round of Laughter on Call? Laughing is healthy, and it can even improve your listening skills and make you learn interesting things about those around you.

There are so many exciting ways to set up a virtual business after hours! Insisting on gaming is one of the best ways, as there are a lot of digital adaptations for classic board games that also include in-app instructions if you need them. Therefore, following the rules will become like a walk in the park. Among the benefits, we can also include a higher level of safety during the ongoing pandemic times.

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