Pretty much everyone is well-aware of what a retail store is: a business place that is usually owned and operated by a retailer and sometimes even owned and operated by a manufacturer. In some situations, the place can be owned and operated by someone else than the retailer in which merchandise is sold first to ultimate consumers.

When it comes to Kirana-tech apps that you can use for a retail store, the options are almost endless, and we’re glad to mention the best of them:


Peel-Works focuses on order management and extended salesforce management. Getting real-time reports and updates at the store level for the brands won’t be a problem anymore with Peel-Works, as the app consists of a network of retailers who are connected to the platform of the company itself. There are two products for retailers that are offered: Taikee and Stores 98.

With Taikee, retailers can take advantage of an ordering platform to order products from numerous brands and provide facilities. Stores 98, on the other hand, is a platform for optimizing the inventor, and there are also sales automation features included.


You certainly cannot survive as a retailer without a powerful tool for dealing with text files. That’s exactly where Lua comes in handy, as it’s an online application built for those willing to convert document files of various formats: PDF, PPT, DOC, Excel, Word, and more. The online service even allows the user to convert image files such as those of the JPG to PDF and PDF to PNG formats.

Lua works on pretty much any device that’s capable of opening a webpage, regardless if it’s a laptop, tablet, or phone. Any uploaded files will be automatically deleted from the app’s servers. Any conversion process through Lua will be done in literally seconds.


MaxWholesale is an online B2B grocery company that has its location in Delhi (India). MaxWholesale usually caters to restocking needs when it comes to grocery businesses. The service uses data science-based tools as well as real-time optimization algorithms for reducing distribution cost in the case of companies and increase the ROI for some stores. The company claims to have tied up with about 1,000 mom-and-pop stores from Delhi. Both Android and iOS devices are capable of running the app.


TradeDepot is an online platform that provides management software, and that has its location in Lagos (Nigeria). Suppliers are able to build a dashboard based on their current organizations’ shared information. Suppliers can also manage secondary distribution, orders and inventories, and more. There’s also a real-time view of the prices and discounts available from all major brands.

TradeDepot is easy to use, safe and secure, and last but not least: it provides worldwide shipping. The app allows the user to connect with trusted suppliers from all over the world. 


SnapBizz is known to provide technology solutions for offline retailers, and it also has its location in India (Bangalore). There are plenty of hardware solutions for brands aimed to show their products in offline retail stores. SnapBizz also offers retailers the chance to set up an online store and manage both order and inventory.

From the multitude of useful features of SnapBizz, we can mention stock management, an inbuilt CRM, billing automation, and more. The company in charge of SnapBizz had been working with over 2500 retail stores from India. The SnapBizz POS billing solution was specially developed for Kirana stores, and it helps the owners to increase their business operations, sales, store walk-ins, and more.

Retail stores will always be important, as they play a major role in high-level exposure of businesses and widespread product distribution. Furthermore, you can promote products to these stores and also provide the chance of testing products before deciding to buy them or not.

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