Urbanista, a Swedish lifestyle audio brand, has apparently made it to the next leap in audio tech -- solar-powered headphones inspired by the natural principle of photosynthesis. Named as "Los Angeles", the headphone is powered by Exeger Powerfoyle™ technology, which is inspired by the natural principle of Photosynthesis.
Interestingly, the Powerfoyle technology transforms all forms of light into clean, endless energy, powering the headphones.

Touted as world's first solar-powered headphone, Los Angeles constantly charges whenever exposed to light, either outdoors or indoors, providing virtually infinite playtime.
Image - Urbanista

As for indoor listening, the company says ambient light from a well-lit room will keep the cans charging, but there’s also a 50-hour, 750mA battery onboard.

Apart from that, the cans appear identical to Urbanista’s Miami model, featuring active noise cancelling and “on-ear detection” which pauses playback when the cans are taken off your head. They also charge with USB-C and connect via Bluetooth 5.0.

Urbanista’s Los Angeles headphones aren’t available just yet but will be priced at £169 ($199) and come in their own carrying case.

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