For the past decade, we have seen a huge rise in the quality of mobile phones. No longer are these devices a simple way of communicating, either via call or text, but instead they add value to our lives. For many, mobile technology has given them the opportunity to enter the world of gaming, and in India it has to be said that the gaming industry would not be the same without mobile phones.

Whether this is playing mobile games which have been specifically released for phones, trying out smaller versions of popular console games or visiting an online casino India can access, mobile tech has helped all of this happen.

Phones connect us to the world, and thanks to the technology behind these handsets, those who are in India can get the same gaming experience as people from any other country on the globe.

The Speed and Processing Ability of Mobile Phones

The reason why gaming has really come to life on mobile phones has been thanks to the creation of new hardware inside them. The speed at which a phone can process now is far quicker than anything we have seen before, while the processing ability means that more complex apps and tasks can be handled without worry.

When you look at mobile gaming as we see it today, many of the games we play would simply not work on handsets that we all had two decades ago. Games such as FIFA mobile are the perfect example. Here you can build your own football team, take on others around the world and complete challenges, this all requires an incredibly powerful phone to be able to play, but that is exactly the type of phone we all have now.

This is perhaps even more important when we look at online casino gaming. This is where people are playing for real cash, so the importance of this is even more. The last thing you want as a casino player is to see your phone unable to handle the game and cause a crash, not knowing if you have won or lost.

How Strong Internet Has Helped Our Gadgets

Another element to this has been the internet connections that we all now have on our phones. Mobile internet has been around for many years, but the rollout of 4G around the world has given many more people a fast and perhaps more importantly, rock solid internet connection they can trust.

Again, if you are playing casino games for money, you want to bet and watch, you don’t want to miss the game or be forced out of the game because you have a poor internet connection.

The strength of internet around the globe has helped many industries, not just the gaming industry. If you take a look at recent gadget news, you will see that many of the gadgets that are coming out now either require the internet to work, or are something you can use on the internet.

When you are playing a game of any kind, you want trust. This means you can play and fully enjoy yourself, without worry that something will go wrong. When playing online, the biggest worry in the past has always been whether your internet connection would hold up and allow you to play and see the game smoothly.

Whether it is casino gaming or another type, strong internet allows you to fully enjoy the experience and submerge yourself in the game, really focusing on what you are doing and not thinking about anything else around you.

What Does the Future Hold?

The entire world continues to move towards a more mobile life, and both phones and mobile internet are likely to have an even bigger impact on our lives in the future. With this in mind, it seems highly likely that investment and research into bigger and better phones, faster processors and quicker internet speeds is only going to continue.

If you take a look back to the phone you had two decades ago, you will remember a very basic handset, specifically used for calls and texts, with little else available on it. Those are nothing compared to the phones we have now, could we see another similar jump forward if you look 20 years into the future?

The chances are that it won’t be so dramatic, but it is worth thinking about this just to show how much technology can change and advance over a couple of decades. What our phones do now seemed impossible back then, so what we think may be impossible now could be something that we get in the future.

Both phone companies and internet providers are in a battle to try and prove who is the best right now. While that remains in place, their continued drive forward with investment and creating for the future will certainly continue.

The best stance to take on the future is to expect more, expect bigger and better and expect to see phone companies and internet providers pushing as hard as they can to be the best on the market.

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