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IgnitedNeurons Experiential Learning, a Delhi-based Professional Training and Coaching startup, founded by Utkarsh Narang, partnered with Biryani by Kilo and conducted a capability development and learning workshop ‘Ignite Your Inner Spark’ for 20+ Managers and Area Chefs. The initiative was aimed at helping the managers connect with themselves, their teams and perform at their highest level for the organization.
Biryani by Kilo has reached a milestone of 50 outlets in the last five years and is anticipating a phase of hyper-growth over the next 12-18 months. Biryani by Kilo invested in the development of the workforce to prepare them for the next phase of growth.
The two-day workshop was held at Radisson Hotel, Sohna Road in Gurgaon. The workshop was preceded by an online session over Zoom to have participants get introduced and connected to Utkarsh Narang, the lead facilitator for the sessions. This is the first-of-its-kind investment that Biryani by Kilo has done for their people as they continue to grow from strength to strength.
Utkarsh led the two-day workshop and guided the participants to focus on their personal growth and self-improvement. He recently moved on from his sales role at a global leadership training institute to start IgnitedNeurons. Their mission is to inspire, ignite the inner spark of individuals and be part of their journey of self-discovery. Utkarsh is an ICF-certified coach, a happiness coach, and a life skill facilitator.
Pankaj Dubey, Vice President of Training at Biryani by Kilo shared his experience of the workshop and why he chose IgnitedNeurons for this critical initiative. He said, “The workshop that Utkarsh led for us was very well crafted, entertaining, and flexible to meet our needs. The topics were well planned, balanced, and tailored to our specific situation. Friendly, confident presentation, was simple to understand.”
The initiative helped participants take full ownership of their path in life, create opportunities for growth and ignite their inert potential. During the two days, Utkarsh led various exercises and activities to have the participants reflect on their values, become better problem solvers and find growth in every opportunity.
Mohsin Saifi, Head of Human Resources at Biryani by Kilo, said, “Utkarsh is one of the most enthusiastic, mature, and fun-loving trainers I have ever met. IgnitedNeurons is able to ignite the spark in our young leaders during the two days engaging workshop. We have seen cascading effect in Area Managers/Chefs, who have started inspiring people down the line and helping them to touch the sky with glory.”
Participants shared that the workshop was extremely motivational, it invited them to look at their inner soul and helped them understand themselves better. One participant shared that the workshop has provided them with a toolkit to be empowered, be better problem solvers, and enhanced their awareness, internal and external. The workshop allowed them to discover hidden strengths within their own selves. One participant shared, “The sessions were great. There are so many points that I have to implement in my daily life routine. I have to be patient because there is no magic. It is a process because I am trying to light a lamp in the darkness.”


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