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● HappyLocate completed five years on April 11, 2021.

● During the pandemic, the company witnessed 16 percent month on month growth and is now expecting a whopping 10X growth by the end of this fiscal year.

● During the pandemic, HappyLocate effectively doubled its employee strength with aggressive hiring which is still ongoing.
Bangalore-based HappyLocate, a startup founded in 2016 aims to transform the relocation experience of millions in India. The startup celebrated its five years of successful journey, which was nothing short of a dream run for Sainadh Duvvuru and Ajay Tiwari, who have successfully led the foundation of the startup.
On the 5th anniversary of the start-up, Ajay Tiwari and Sainadh Duvvuru, in unison were elated with the unmatched growth, opportunities, and success that these years have brought for them.
“In the last five years, we learnt, we applied, and we grew. We saw our revenue shooting up, we saw our office space doubling up, we witnessed a pandemic and sailed through it successfully. The journey has been immensely enriching in every aspect. We are expecting more in terms of what we can offer to our customers and growth in the coming years, and we will strive to work towards augmented services and excellence,” says Ajay Tiwari, Founder, CEO HappyLocate.
HappyLocate was founded with the intent to bring in a positive transformation in the relocation industry. With its vision coupled with the application of technology-driven solutions the startup currently caters to more than 20000 relocation requests every year. This is a testament to the fact that the startup in a very short tenure has pioneered in providing quality relocation services.
The success of the company was unbeatable in spite of a plethora of uncalled for impediments. Amidst the new normal, when businesses across the globe have been grappling with unprecedented challenges, HappyLocate has managed to keep its growth graph moving in the intended direction with 20 percent month on month growth. The company is currently expecting a 10X growth by the end of this fiscal year.
"During the lockdown, we had strategized our action plan to witness a V-shape recovery as soon as the market opened up last year," says, Sainadh Duvvuru, Founder, HappyLocate.
It was its unparalleled services and high customer satisfaction that even during the pandemic, HappyLocate grew faster, unlike its peers. When every organisation was firing sprees, HappyLocate was on hiring sprees. This also casts light on the growth story of the company even during this pandemic.


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