On Saturday, Twitter CEO and billionaire Jack Dorsey announced to sell his very first tweet of March 6, 2006 in the form of NFT (non-fungible token), which is a unique form of cryptocurrency, and the bid had already reached $6,00,000 (nearly Rs 4 crore) by Twiiter use named @sinaEstavi. 

Dorsey tweeted with a bidding link to NFT (non-fungible token) through a platform called Valuables. Dorsey's 2006 tweet read: "just setting up my twttr".

A non-fungible token (NFT) is a special type of cryptographic token which represents something unique; non-fungible tokens are thus not mutually interchangeable. This is in contrast to cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, and many network or utility tokens that are fungible in nature.

According to Valuables, "Owning any digital content can be a financial investment, hold sentimental value, and create a relationship between collector and creator. Like an autograph on a baseball card, the NFT itself is the creator’s autograph on the content, making it scarce, unique, and valuable."

NFTs allow people to buy and sell ownership of unique digital items and keep track of who owns them using the blockchain.

The artist Grimes recently sold several NFT items for nearly $6 million.

An NFT of LeBron James making a historic dunk for the Lakers garnered more than $200,000.

“The band Kings of Leon is releasing its new album in the form of an NFT. The auction house Christie’s, bids on an NFT by the artist Beeple are already reaching into the millions,” reports NPR.

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