Dallas, TX, March 31, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Ever since the pandemic started many new startup ventures such as Paycap have stepped their foot into digital assets. The pandemic period has caused a mega fluctuation ever noted in the stock and crypto market so far. New regulations and strict license norms with the changing governments have caused the cryptocurrency agencies to work in more than one aspect of trading. Orbit Network INC has been harnessing the power of technology since 1996. They have come a long way ever since they announced rolling out their digital asset RKN Token. 

Paycap, an exclusive asset of Orbit Network's flagship project— Orbit Network Chain Server (ONCS) was the first in the line of cryptocurrencies to enter into telecommunications with an innovative idea of recharging sim cards using their RKN token. Paycap is available now on iOS and Android and already supports 5 countries: the USA, Canada, India, UAE, Turkey. 
They added Canada to their list of countries with whose third-party communications Orbit Network is pairing with. Orbit Network will be adding the UK in June 2021. 

Now after almost a year, Orbit Network confirmed that they are in the latest stage of signing the contract with over 8 giant telecom companies through their 3rd party nominees. Reportedly, Users will be able to access the new TRC20 RKN token on ron blockchain and use it through a mobile application called PAYCAP available both on android and iOS.

There are many applications that have come up with similar systems to recharge sim cards in the last one year but Paycap still stands as the first 100% decentralized platform in this field and is growing at a fast rate successfully. 

Paycap allows users to recharge sim cards, data packages and TV subscriptions through just 4 steps— 

  1. Buying RKN tokens from the exchanges.
  2. Depositing the token to the Paycap account.
  3. Selecting the Paycap operator of choice. 
  4. Straight away recharging data, sim or TV.

Today more than 80% of the world has gone online and traditional options remain a privilege to a handful. Having an online footprint requires fierce security and what is more secure than the programs of blockchain which is now being used for university examinations to crypto transactions. This idea of recharging using the RKN token can be a way for digital money to find its place in the bigger picture of day-to-day life. 

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