Continuous Monitoring in Life Sciences has reached the cloud, and with the use of Big Data, Kaye now presents user connectivity that surpasses the competition. Building on the legacy of Kaye’s LabWatch Pro system, LabWatch IoT takes connectivity, security, data access and analysis to a new level.


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Kaye LabWatch® IoT - Complete Cloud Monitoring Solution (Photo: Kaye)

Kaye LabWatch® IoT - Complete Cloud Monitoring Solution (Photo: Kaye)

“Designed specifically for GxP and 21 CFR Part 11 compliance, Kaye LabWatch IoT Cloud allows simplification of the IT infrastructure,” says Kaye’s Product Manager Jon Aldous. “The reduction of system hardware is an enormous cost-saver, and by having all environmental measurements managed in the cloud - unlike self-hosted systems - the clouds’ continual 24/7 remote data access ensures that monitoring and alarming will never fail.”


With the cloud, users get instant data access through mobility - alarm message boards, email, SMS and voice services - allowing immediate access to real-time data of their critical processes and products. No more interrogation required – the information is all visually presented to the user so they can take immediate actions.


“Facilities can take full advantage of the Artificial Intelligence modules within LabWatch IoT allowing teams to predict environmental or sensor failures” said Aldous. “After learning the heartbeats of individual chambers or freezers, LabWatch IoT can predict faulting items – and therefore save time and money by scheduling required maintenance and reducing the risk of lost product.”


Using either Kaye’s redundant wired or wireless sensor solutions, or any OPC compliant transmitter, data is sent directly to the GxP Cloud via secure and encrypted connectivity. Here, the increased flexibility to fully access views, alerts, and reports, from any browser – mobile or fixed - gives the user freedom to truly understand the monitoring conditions of their installation.


This latest release of the LabWatch IoT monitoring system further compliments Kaye’s Validation and Cold Chain products, and takes the next step into big data/IoT and its inherent analysis capability.


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About Kaye 

For more than sixty years, Kaye has been at the forefront of high accuracy process measurement, for applications from thermal process validation and environmental and cold chain monitoring, to sensor calibration.

Kaye is a subsidiary of Amphenol Corporation.

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