Education, by the virtue of its importance, is considered a fundamental right. But there have been many who failed to get the right guidance due to lack of resources. With the rise of the internet, however, this gap has reduced considerably. There are many Edtech solutions today providing courses for almost every subject and competitive exams.

The "Wizard of Quant" - Indrajeet Singh, Founder, iQuanta

Even with many available Edtech solutions, there is a common misconception that quality education comes at a premium, and is reserved for the affluent people. CAT Exam coaching, for example, was earmarked at INR 40-50k back in 2016. And hence many students did not even attempt CAT, considering it an expensive affair.

iQuanta, founded by Mr. Indrajeet Singh, turned out to be the game changer in the sector. Today, it has managed to cut that expenditure by almost half, enabling the underprivileged to have the same opportunities as their affluent peers.

In just 4 years, iQuanta has evolved into a market leader in the CAT Online Coaching sector. With over 8500 IIM calls and 1000+ IIM converts, iQuanta is now associated with over 3 Lakh students across the nation.

Commenting on his inspiration behind iQuanta, Mr. Indrajeet Singh, Founder, iQuanta, stated, "My story is a rather interesting one. I was the younger son of an airforce officer. My father was a disciplined man and wanted me to also get into the armed forces. I have massive respect for them, but discipline was not my cup of tea. So, I became the next best thing - an engineer. I was naturally good at mathematics, and when I heard about the CAT(MBA) exam, I instantly took it up."

"Now, the beauty of the CAT exam was and still is that it requires you to think logically and rationally. I started looking for Facebook groups where I could solve questions. I found a few of them, and before I knew it, solving problems became an addiction. I was solving questions for more than 18 hours a day, and most of them in under a minute."

"People started noticing me, and I used to get dozens of people asking me to help them with their doubts or questions. The irony of the fact was that I was still in the third year of my college and was not even eligible for the CAT exam. Most of the people I was helping were far older than me. I started getting requests from the community for a formal course, which led to the conception of iQuanta."

Facebook groups play a major role in iQuanta's growth trajectory. The company creates public groups through which they share videos and study materials. Indrajeet Singh, and other iQuanta professionals readily solve the doubts posted by students with an exceptional response rate.

Today, the public facebook group of iQuanta has grown to over 4 Lakh members - the Edtech startup that started with 300 students, has grown to 3000+ active MBA aspirants as of date. The team at iQuanta can be reached via the official website.


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