With frustration due to the inefficiency of the existing HR automation software that sucked, Vijay and Sashi founded Keka, a people’s platform. It was built to relieve HRs of their repetitive, mundane tasks for helping them focus on the core assets of their company- the employees. Being in the same shoes once upon a time as their current customers, Keka understood the pain points when it came to HR and hence, believed the Indian HR ecosystem deserved a much better and productive software.

However, seldom do you come across people and firms that flourish in their field without any backing, reference or funding, and those who do, make it big, big enough for the world to acknowledge their mighty presence. This aligns with the story of Keka. With no external shareholders, funding, investments or sponsors, Keka rose to become the leader of the Indian HR market.

While quenching their thirst for distinctly efficient and productive software, Keka entered the sector with no monetary support from investors and thrived on its founder’s savings. The company blossomed into the most recognized, trusted and productive software service provider by functioning through the revenue it generated.

Born in the city of pearls, Keka is a Hyderabadi product with a completely native name too that has a pretty interesting back story. Its founders wanted to call it a simple yet powerful label that screams the scale of its capability. Keka refers to “Awesome” in the Telugu language and according to its customers and employees, the company translates to the adjective in every aspect.

The vacuum that existed before Keka disrupted the market was replaced by the value it brings today to the table. It empowered the HR technology of the country to look eye to eye with globally acclaimed entities. And Keka celebrates this fact. It believes in fostering the HR ecosystem to elevate the value of the market and has set a benchmark in the process for others to follow.

Keka was created with an employee-first mindset. The company is on a mission to create digital workplaces where employees can flourish to do their best. This ideology has allowed them to create doors where there was no scope of even a window.

With its expertise and vast knowledge regarding the HR sphere, Keka dumped traditional clunky interfaces to create an efficient modern-day one-of-its-kind software. The momentum and trust gained in the 4 and half years of its existence has instilled a determination to polish the product further and not just sit back to drench in the new found success.

When Keka first stepped into the field in 2016, it was welcomed warmly as it helped the HR experts and their employees to adopt the software better due to its simplicity.

Keka is a name that redefined the universe of HR by transforming the otherwise complex and cumbersome arena to a simple and easily manageable form of work.

The 3000+ customers figure was not an easy one to obtain but could be possible through the undying work of the awesome employees of the cohesive organization. With features powered to tune in with an array of HR processes, Keka remains a client-favorite with less than a 3.5% churn rate.

With one of the lowest attrition rates, Keka is loved by all its workers. Every employee here has a sense of extreme ownership. They believe in leveraging their skills for the company while taking responsibility for the work they do. The company instilled this philosophy in their product too as it aims to produce self-accountability and transparency for its customers’ employees through its use.

Keka understands the nuances that come with products and the industry in general and holds a level of sharpness and skill to tackle it in depth. It left an unparalleled impact on the sectors of IT & IT services, pharmaceutical manufacturing, professional service organizations, consultancies, accounting business houses, taxations and several others, propelling companies to leverage themselves.

The array of features it offers today, including performance management system, leave and attendance track sheet, goal management system and more, aid companies in leveraging the potential of their employees, thereby creating a substantial amount of growth for the organization.

Their core appeals to simplicity and they aim to achieve this ease of use and understanding for every customer who is sailing in the same boat as others when it comes to HR and its challenges.

With an impressive set of values and deep-seated knowledge of the HR arena, Keka aspires to take its ideologies to practice. They are looking to create a work environment where people feel safe, share a common goal, and go home fulfilled- content with the work they are doing and the results their efforts are translating to.


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