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Every other day we come across news of brutal attacks on animals and people who care for them.
Last year the attack on Buddy sparked public outrage in December 2020 and put the spotlight once again on the need for a stricter law.
The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960 was enacted to replace a colonial legislation and sought to prevent infliction of unnecessary pain and suffering on animals. However, the quantum of punishment i.e., the penalties, have not been reviewed even once in the six decades. The existing law stipulates a penalty between Rs 10 and Rs 50 for any act of cruelty against animals, including beating, kicking, torturing, starving, and mutilating the animal.
“As a Member of Parliament, I extend my full support to Sukriti Chauhan and the 8 lakh signatories of her India petition. I believe that they have raised an important matter. It is time for the penalty for animal cruelty to be increased so that such crimes are deterred.”
“Every other day we come across videos on social media of brutal attacks on animals and people who care for them. With every such viral video, I see a wave of public outrage. This tells me that common citizens are not speaking about just one dog or just one elephant. They are speaking up for every voiceless animal. Nearly 8 lakh Indians are supporting the demand that the penalty for animal cruelty be increased. I hope that the government will hear all these voices,” Nida Hasan, Country Director, India.
“Cruelty, abuse, rape, or murder can be directed towards a human or animal. The mindset of a criminal is the same - of harming another being. The person committing these crimes needs a strong deterrent, and a fine of Rs 50/- for cruelty to animals won’t suffice! These archaic laws need to change and change now. Abusers must be punished, and the punishment should send a strong message in society. Let’s be the voice of the voiceless and create a kinder world. I urge everyone to sign the petition and help us gain enough momentum for an amendment in the law. We will together appeal to the union and state governments till we bring about positive change,” Charu Pragya.
“I am extremely grateful to the Hon’ble Minister Shri Giriraj Singh for taking time out and receiving Sukriti’s petition and also assuring us that he will personally drive the efforts to bring in a positive change in the animal welfare laws of India”, Tehseen Poonawala.
“This is a petition not only for one buddy. It is for all the buddy's in so many different forms and species. Along with urgently amending the law, we need to change mindsets. Evidence states clearly that a human who is violent to a voiceless, will be violent to humans at some stage. This cycle needs to be broken. Abuse against the voiceless, defenseless, trusting animals cannot be acceptable anymore. I stand with the 8 lakh Indians who have raised their voices and backed this petition. Let's do this together and change the laws,” Sukriti Chauhan.
“We would like to thank Shri Giriraj Singh Ji for this commitment and support. We must work to ensure we protect the voiceless and be the change makers they need us to be. It is time and my appeal that we amend the law to protect animals against cruelty in India,” Vibha Chugh.

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