The statement "books are man's best friend" has held relevance for centuries now, and it will continue for years to come too. Reading a novel, be it fiction or otherwise, brings delight to many while writing it is the goal of many.

Writing a book is daunting, and the task can get more problematic when the subject matter is horror fiction. The genre has a vast audience worldwide, so the drive to write horror fiction is a given. But, the sheer drive to write horror fiction is not apt enough to make it successful.

A writer needs to account for several factors before finalizing their work, and with competition rising, the stakes are only going higher. Therefore, it is viable for writers to get a hold of every bit of help they can get. Nowadays, technology and tools can simplify any task, including writing an intriguing book fiction.

Tools like novel writing software and book templates can simplify the task while enhancing your writing prowess. Writers can perceive a book template as a guide to rely on as it establishes your book's blueprint. They can be used regardless of the work's nature, your writing experience, and scope.

Although many veterans prefer a book template, it is instrumental if you are an emerging writer. It can help you prepare an outline for your fiction, make it intriguing, and monitor the matter's overall flow. A book template becomes a must when your book is going to surpass over the 50,000 words benchmark.

However, despite the tool offering numerous benefits, many writers are still confused about using it. That is why the blog has gathered every piece of information you will need to make an educated decision. Here is why you should use a book writing template for your next horror fiction:

Top Reasons to Use a Book Writing Template

If you are using a book writing template within the software, you can avail of numerous advantages in different writing sections. Contrarily, if you are merely using a book writing template, you can still customize it to match your needs. Nevertheless, here are some of the most valuable benefits of using a book writing template:

Simple Writing

Designing an outline for a book is critical, but it is even more vital when writing horror fiction. Since the matter is tough to execute, an outline can simplify the writing process for you. By having a set outline, you can focus on any section you are ready to write.
Smooth Reading Experience

A well-written fiction does not confuse the readers, and a writing template ensures you do not make such a mistake. Writing the book in a set structure can improve your audience's reading experience as they do not have to go back and re-read to comprehend every chapter.


While content is the core of a book, it is aesthetics that boost sales. Be it fonts or layouts; your work needs to look good to thrive in the market. Writing fiction does not stop with great storytelling; you need to showcase your skillset in the looks department as well.

A book writing template can help you in this regard, as it is designed to offer the best fonts and layouts to the writer.


Using a book writing template is not a complicated process, and even a non-technical writer can use it easily. Learning to use and implement a book template is straightforward since it is designed to simplify the process.


Writing horror fiction can be overwhelming, but a writing template can offer a head start on the book's structure. As you get an outline for your work, you can save valuable time to focus on other aspects. Worldbuilding and character designing can consume too much energy, so having an outline can help you proceed stably.

With a book writing template, you do not have to worry about dedicating energy to different sections and wondering what to do next.

Ready-to-Publish Experience

If you are writing your fiction intending to publish it, then a book writing template becomes a must for you. It enhances your book's publishing potency by articulating it in the best way possible. Horror fiction can take a writer to places, so being backed by a template is crucial for a seamless publishing experience.

Well-Executed Message

Reading a well-structured book can help your readers understand the message better. It can even make obscure ideas viable and memorable since the readers were captivated throughout their read. When they take something from your fiction, they attach value to it, which is always suitable for a writer.

You need to be thorough while writing horror fiction as not to let the readers lose interest. A book writing template can help you be methodical and save you from omitting any crucial plot details.

While writing fiction, you need to ensure it is well-paced and does not possess any continuity errors. Both issues can be avoided with thoroughness proposed by a book writing template.

Symmetry and Balance

A well-written fiction is both balanced and symmetrical. Being symmetrical means when you gather different sections of the book, they make sense as a whole. On the other hand, being balanced refers to assigning apt significance to different parts of the work.

A horror fiction needs to balance every idea's quantity and quality, and a writing template can execute it impeccably.

Scheduled Writing Routine

Using the best book writing app with quality templates can ensure you maintain a writing schedule. Ideas can enter your mind anytime, but you must spend some time on your fiction daily. While you can have random writing spurges, periodically writing is always a good idea.

Plus, having an outline and sticking to it can save you from going on tangents. Although it will not eradicate the urge to slack off, it will undoubtedly help you stay focused on the task at hand.


Writing horror fiction is an intricate task with numerous facets to cover. However, with the help of a book writing template, you can simplify the task several folds. A writing template proposes innumerable benefits, and the blog has mentioned the most common ones.

Using a book template can smoothen your book writing experience while offering a seamless publishing process. Reading through the blog will help you better understand the benefits of a book writing template to make an educated decision.


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