New Delhi, India, February 4, 2021: There is mounting evidence that the coronavirus can spread through the air. This has opened up the market for devices and technologies that can clean and disinfect the air in preventing the spread of SARS-CoV-2 that causes COVID-19.

UVHeal SafeAir, a UV-based air disinfectant for central air conditioning systems, is developed by Delhi based start-up Airific Systems. UVHeal is India’s first UVGI System tested and certified by ICMR-CSIR, Virology Lab (CCMB) for 99% disinfection for SARS-CoV-2 that causes COVID-19.

Ankit Sharma, Director, Airific Systems Pvt. Ltd. said, We are pleased to share with you all that our UVGI systems- UVHeal SafeAir- have been tested by an ICMR accredited lab for COVID-19 disinfection. The systems have successfully pass through rigorous testing process of India’s highest certifying agency, and is determined to be 99% effective against the virus. We believe that this will help bring our country back to the “pre-covid world”. These systems are available for offices, hospitals, schools, industries, cinema halls, retail stores, and other such areas. Our main objective is to help bring back people to their respective workplaces in the safest manner, and I think with this accreditation, we can say that after vaccination, UVHeal’s R&D Team has gifted second layer of safety guard against COVID-19 for working employees.

Ankit Sharma, Director, Airific Systems

UVHeal SafeAir is one of the most innovative products that give a strong voice to the ‘AtmaNirbhar Bharat’ movement. Experts claim that viruses like COVID-19 can easily spread through indoor HVAC air circulation systems, which means that a single infected person can trigger the infection in countless others. UVHeal SafeAir disinfects the circulated air by destroying the DNA or RNA of dangerous viruses & bacteria and stop the spread of these airborne pathogens. This product is suitable to be used in all the public places equipped with central air conditioning systems.

About Airific Systems Pvt. Ltd.: Airific Systems Pvt. Ltd. is an innovative tech start up – from the promoters of Advant IT Park Pvt Ltd. The company has been involved with several energy-saving assignments and has been rigorously experimenting over the ultra-violet disinfection system for a while now. The company, in collaboration with IOTomation Ecotech Pvt. Ltd., designs and develops innovative an intelligent building and energy management solutions. The company strives to create a safer, efficient and more productive community for all.

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