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Analytics India Magazine has announced the dates for the third edition of The Rising, the largest gathering of women data scientists in India. The conference will be held virtually on May 21 & 22.
The Rising brings together data science leaders and professionals from the industry and academia to exchange ideas and discuss the latest developments in data science. The forum also provides an opportunity for women from STEM backgrounds to network and showcase their achievements.
The Rising will act as a platform to spark conversations on gender imbalance. The women leaders in data science will deliberate on strategies to increase women participation in data science and AI and help them thrive in leadership roles. Driving the conversation forward will be companies that have played a pivotal role in striving for a diverse, inclusive and engaging environment for their employees.
The Rising will see women visionaries sharing their perspectives on building a career in the data science field. The series of talks and information sessions are geared towards helping women develop leadership skills.
The two-day event is expected to host over 250 attendees and feature more than 15 talks from industry leaders, apart from dedicated workshops in AI and data science. The Rising will also see informal sessions designed to inspire more women to embrace the STEM fields.
The forum will provide an opportunity to engage in rewarding conversations with women mavens in the data science field. Participants will also get a chance to meet more than 100 leading companies working towards a more inclusive industry.
The conference will host a series of tech talks and workshops detailing various industry use cases these leaders and companies have worked on over the years. The attendees can leverage these insights to address their current challenges. The workshop extensive sessions will expose attendees to the latest trends and developments in data science and equip them with tools and techniques to forge ahead in the tech industry.
One of the prominent highlights of The Rising 2021 will be the Women in AI leadership awards which recognises the most influential women technology leaders in India who have demonstrated prowess in data science and AI fields. The award celebrates the incredible impact these role models have made in the tech community through their breakthrough AI solutions and leadership skills.
The Rising will also provide an opportunity for attendees to network with experts and enterprises that have a strong presence in the data science field. The attendees also have an opportunity to pitch their resumes to companies participating in The Rising.
Bhasker Gupta, Founder and CEO of Analytics India Magazine said, “With The Rising 2021, we aim to bring the largest group of women technologists together to discuss opportunities and challenges in the data science domain. As the industry is growing, the contributions by women leaders and professionals are crucial to be recognised to motivate more women to take up leadership roles. With The Rising, we also aim to inspire more women to pursue STEM and bring companies together to inculcate quality and diversity in their culture.”
The Rising is open to all, not just women alone. People who want to network or participate in discussions around AI or show support to the women in the tech industry are welcome to join.
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