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Billionaire investors Vijay Shekhar Sharma, Dr. Ritesh Malik, and Nikhil Sharma have helped Indore-based Supersourcing raise 1.5cr in a round of seed funding. Shekhar, the top-notch businessman behind PayTM, and Malik, Founder, and CEO of Innov8 co-working, have lent support and credibility to the IT outsourcing platform, eight months after its launch.

"We aim to build back the trust in the IT outsourcing industry, an attribute it did have a while ago. This can only happen when the right work reaches the right companies for the right price", said Mayank Pratap Singh, founder, Supersourcing.

Talking about the funds they had received from top-notch investors, Singh said, "We hold our funding in the highest regard, spending only when absolutely necessary. We've proven our worth in delivering quality connections, as we've distributed nearly $10 million worth work to 300+ agencies in the initial eight months since launching the product."

Supersourcing is a transparent, fast, reliable, and accurate IT agency recommendation platform. It saves time by recommending the best agency in the specified budget, timeline and requirement. Browse the portfolios of the top 5 recommendations, talk to them, get a quotation and then hire, all in less than 24 hours says Aditi Chaurasia, Cofounder.

A brainchild of Mayank Pratap Singh and Aditi Chaurasia, product of EngineerBabu, Supersourcing aims to break free from the conventional, slow and inefficient image of outsourcing, by building a digital-first and trust-based approach.

The idea behind Supersourcing is to find the right talent for the $4 trillion global IT outsourcing market. The company's founders believe that this market, which includes clients like Alibaba, Slack and even Google, need performers who can regularly deliver product development fixes.

In an industry where every company is a jack of all trades, Supersourcing helps you find the master of one. The process of outsourcing involves 20% of building and 80% of fixing bugs. Supersourcing is 100% pure joy. Our agencies strive to deliver the highest quality and promise to stay within agreed timelines and costs.

"Supersourcing aims at a better user experience for companies, by curating recommendations for IT agencies, based on the needs of every project. These recommendations come from a pool of high-performing IT agencies, with a proven track record", explained Venkat Sundaram, Product Manager, Supersourcing.

Supersourcing is still looking for partners who can help it scale.


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