The modern world never ceases to amaze with new technologies. Each program, site, or application acquires emergent functions every year. For example, makes life easier for all gamblers. All the necessary information about the games is provided here and this saves users' time resources.

Betting Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning is one of the smartest methodologies that have shown promising results in the area of classification and forecasting. One of the growing areas requiring high prediction accuracy is sports prediction due to the large amount of money involved in betting. The main result of machine learning is artificial intelligence (AI), which in the direction of betting is very useful and profitable for bookmakers and bettors.

Machine learning models can make real-time predictions based on data from many disparate sources. That is, the capabilities of AI in predicting sports events have gone even further - into the area where it is necessary to take into account not only the emotional mood of the player, the level of humidity, coverage, and even the state of the animal before racing.

These models require a large amount of comparable and well-organized data before analysis. It makes them especially suitable for predicting the results of esports matches when large amounts of well-structured data are available.

How it works

The most popular representatives of artificial intelligence in the betting market are bots and robots for betting.

The name «robots» refers to sites or individual programs that work according to a prescribed algorithm. They help to process information quickly and generate betting predictions based on it. Some robots are able not only to analyze the data but also independently make a bet or inform the user about the appropriate odds. The software saves time and reduces errors. A bettor does not need to independently look through the enormous amount of information and analyze it.

Bots are considered to be a type of robot. These are often automatic chats in instant messengers or social networks, in which users can set the necessary parameters, and rates will be calculated automatically.

There are two types of bots:

Free - Simple programs, gamblers need to spend some time, to find one with high-quality work. They created mostly for attracting new customers for commercial offers. Some professional bettors develop robots for analyzing information and customize it for their own needs. Such software is the most effective and shows good results.

Paid - Software with a complex and well-thought-out algorithm that takes into account many aspects when working with data.

These assistants have a lot of advantages:
  • saving time;
  • qualitative analysis;
  • quick forecasting;
  • no impact on the memory of smartphones.
Bots are also different in their functional duties.

  1. Analytical: according to a given or already developed algorithm, they search for sports events, carry out an analysis. Then the bettor analyzes the information received and makes a decision on the bet.
  2. Financial: calculate the probability of winning and the amount of the bet on it.
  3. Betting: they independently search for possible bets from the bookmaker and place a bet.
Of course, this technology still needs development. There are many things to be optimized. For example, bots do not take into account many secondary issues:
  • motivation;
  • the climate within the teams;
  • the psychological state of the player in individual sports;
  • injuries;
  • the importance of the next match, when the coaching staff may put up a weakened squad.
For these reasons, gamblers should place bets independently on the official website of the bookmaker.

Many people say that artificial intelligence can destroy the main component of betting - excitement. But this is a misconception. Nobody knows if a successful algorithm will work exactly in the next match.

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