Have you guys seen Ra.One? Maybe ROBOT? What about Wall.E? Passengers? Terminator? Now don’t tell me you haven’t watched Avengers: The Age Of Ultron! If you haven’t seen any one of these movies, don’t talk to me! Just kidding. You might be wondering, what have these examples got anything to do with this topic?

The game character Ra.One literally came out of the game! Vaseegaran created Chitti to help the human beings, giving him AI to evaluate the problems; he ended up destroying the entire town trying to make the female protagonist ‘his own’. Remember how Wall.E and Eve brought some sense to the human race and saved the planet from the evil, spacecraft AI that stopped humans from inhabiting Earth? Avalon - the AI-based spaceship in passengers, could detect the problems in the system and show them with the help of a hologram. One of the greatest humanoid robots, Ultron, sustains the position of the most daunting AI characters in Avengers: Age of Ultron (besides Vision - the most human AI characters). I mean, that man can control other robots, who wouldn’t be scared of him?

These movies have set certain notions about Artificial Intelligence in human minds. AI is what will cause the apocalypse where Artificial Intelligence will take over the human brains, and we will be mere servants at the feet of the AI operated mechanics. However, the past several years have proven to us that AI is not as evil as our Hollywood and Bollywood friends show it to be. If anything, AI has proved to be nothing more but an assistant to the human race, contributing to making our lives easier.

Over the years, AI has been backing the tedious work processes and simplifying it for us to save time and efforts. Agriculture, farming, retail shopping, fashion, inventory, social media, web-searching, diagnosis and treatments, and every other niche that you can think of, now uses Artificial Intelligence to achieve better, accurate results and error-free outcomes.

What Is Artificial Intelligence?

It is exactly what the name suggests - intelligence that is artificial. It refers to the computer science that creates machines that are smart enough to perform tasks that would otherwise require human intelligence to function. Such machines can identify, judge, and respond like an unbiased human brain would and hold the ability to learn from the past experiences - more like a human brain sans emotions.

Contribution Of Artificial Intelligence In Human Resources

While every profession, every department, every authority uses this technology to simplify their work, why would human resource management - the department with the most complex work processes - stay out of this system’s reach? With increasing technological advancements, human resource management has started weaving AI in its intricate processes. So far, AI has made notable contributions to this niche of the businesses, here are some of them.

Creates Jobs

The most common myth about Artificial Intelligence that people have is that it is here to steal our jobs. However, this statement has no additional meaning to it. It is just a myth. That’s it. The reality, however, is that AI creates more jobs than it steals.

First of all, AI promotes automation in the business processes. Automation, in turn, needs skill sets like creating and designing the programs. At this stage, it creates the requirement of designers and mechanics that can create programs, structures and designs that make automation in the workplace possible.

Moreover, all the machinery and mechanics would require human brains to switch them on or off. No matter how many AI-based machines you install, you will require at least a few human beings to monitor and assist the machines. So far, Artificial Intelligence lacks the ability to sympathize or feel emotions. Moreover, Artificial Intelligence cannot judge or recognize human emotions. This is where AI needs human beings.

Enhances Outcome

AI increases the way an employee functions. With the advanced features, it is able to detect the moods of the employees based on their heartbeats, micro-expressions, and voice while on a call or meeting with the clients. Based on the same, it suggests the employee to continue working or take a quick little breather from the stressful situation. This not only ensures the safety of the employees’ mental health, but also assists them to be more productive.

Moreover, with AI in action, the human resource managers can have their tedious or trivial tasks managed by AI. this allows them to focus on better tasks like solving employee grievances, developing employee training structure, etc. This improves the relationship between the employer and employee as the latter feels like they are important to the organizations (which they are, of course).

Besides this, to reduce their work burden and enable efficiency, the HR managers are advised to choose factoHR's cloud-based payroll solutions, human resource management software, leave and attendance management software etc, and ease their complex work which may consume a mammoth share of their time. With such AI-based platforms at their feet, HR managers can create a better workplace for their workforce.

When the employees and the HR managers are all happy to work for the organization, their output is going to increase without a doubt.

Improves Recruiting

AI can enhance the organization's recruitment process. In these times where pandemic has made it impossible for the employer and employee to meet up for interviews or discussions, AI makes it possible for an organization to carry out the recruitment process.

Artificial Intelligence assists the organization to choose the candidate that best matches the job requirements of the vacant position. Moreover, the system stores the data about the prospective candidates and then matches them whenever a new job position arises in the market.

This way, the organization always has the best talent that is available in the labor market at that point of time.

Besides that, the AI systems, when combined with the right tools and equipment, can give you a completely virtual recruitment process. It can receive, analyze and bifurcate the applicants on the basis of their skills, knowledge and experience mentioned in their online applications. It can answer the questions or queries that the candidates may have through the AI-based chatbots. Thereby guaranteeing that the organization always has the best talent that prevails in the market.


The developments in Artificial Intelligence (most importantly machine learning) are rapid. Day in, day out, you can see constant evolution of these mechanics. The updates that are launched for these systems are more frequent than the sunsets and sunrise (obviously not literally, but you know what I mean). These developments are doing God’s work in changing the way that human beings look and perceive Artificial Intelligence technologies.

We, human beings, have started walking hand-in-hand with the technologies, especially ones that have their own brains. Artificial Intelligence is the tech that has no correct rules (except ethicality, but we’ll discuss about that later), it fits all the organization’s and molds itself to suit their needs.

Where we go from this point in the field of AI innovations depends on the ability of human resource technology to understand the needs of the business in the upcoming years and the feedback/ suggestions provided by human resource practitioners to their technology partners. After all, when it comes to Artificial Intelligence, technology knows no bounds.

Author Bio: 

Sweta is an experienced outreach expert having an keen interest in communication and latest trends that are useful to entrepreneurs. Her passion for learning aids team members to represent new ideas that later help businesses to achieve their mission and vision.


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