Do you wish to restore the color of black and white images because they look dull and unrealistic? If yes, then you can now get them colorized using an innovative and advanced tool like Picture Colorizer. This is primarily a desktop-based application that you can download either on your Windows or Mac device. This software will apply its machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithm in order to colorize the black and white images.

Colorizing black and white photos often becomes absolutely necessary for many reasons. For example, if you want to optimize old photos or if you wish to provide a nice makeover to your black and white images, then it's important that you use an advanced and excellent tool like Picture Colorizer.

Let's now quickly talk about Picture Colorizer, how it works, and what benefits you can obtain through this tool.

What is Picture Colorizer?

Picture Colorizer is an extremely important and interesting tool that aims to help all those people that wish to colorize black and white images. Black and white images indeed have their own appeal. But, it's also true that they look quite dull and unrealistic. In such cases, when your existing, old black and white photo looks uninteresting, then you can easily make them colorized with the help of this software. This tool is both efficient and highly effective. It requires no manual hassles as such, thanks to its excellent AI algorithm that works far better than any conventional manual mode of image colorizing process.

How to use Picture Colorizer?

Using Picture Colorizer for the first time? Well, this tool is so simple and easy to use. But, you are still recommended to follow the below-mentioned steps so that you won't face a problem.

Step#1: Please download the tool first via the official website of Picture Colorizer.

Step#2: Launch the tool and the interface will open up where you can Add Images.

Step#3: To add an image that you want to colorize, please use Add Images! option. This will allow you to choose, select, and upload a photo that you want to colorize.

Step#4: Please click on the colorize option that will help the tool to run the colorization process. The colorization process will add realistic color effects to the black and white image.

Step#5: Please click on the Save As button in order to allow the tool to save your final changes.

Here is the before&after image:

The benefits of using Picture Colorizer
  • Picture Colorizer is extremely easy to use.
  • It works so fast.
  • The tool requires no manual intervention.
  • This tool is available for 100% free.
  • The software can be used both in Mac and Windows platforms.

The Final Verdict

Image colorization is an excellent option that allows you to optimize the texture and color effects of any old black and white photos. The manual process of image colorization is both tedious and time-consuming. Plus, it's also subjected to errors and mistakes. That's why you are recommended to use an advanced tool like Picture Colorizer that is automatic, works flawlessly, and ensures fabulous results.

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