Edtech's next big thing, MasterMentors raises funding at a valuation of USD1.5 million and offers exclusive online courses by top masters & mentors

29th January 2021, Mumbai: Master Mentors is India's first user immersive learning experience providing an online education OTT platform that hosts different courses constructed around different fields ranging from the experimentation of various art-forms like music, tattooing, hair-styling, acting, art direction, and more, to the process of personal development through both physical and mental fitness. 

MasterMentors is a startup venture incubated by FreeFlow Venture Builders which nourishes, elevates & nurtures startups and helps them to grow by providing on-demand manpower, opportunity identification, enabling framework, and most critically access to markets. MasterMentors was funded with an undisclosed amount at a valuation of USD 1.5 million last year during the pre-pandemic by March'20.

Users can access online courses pre-recorded by experts in various fields sharing their knowledge and experience on the multiple digital platforms-mobile apps on android and iOS devices or on their website www.mastermentors.in by paying as low as Rs 499 to Rs 1999 per course. The series of chapters is visualized as a playful learning process with the personalized narratives of stories and examples associated with the mentor and the field respectively. For Mentors across India, it is also the first platform that enables them to create a professionally scripted, shot, edited and produced online master class and reach millions of customers out there that cannot be done physically.

Some of the courses available are by DJ Aqeel (the first celebrity DJ of India and among the top Bollywood DJ's in the world), where he teaches you the basics of how to be a DJ and Remixing, Kaizzad Capadia (India's first personal trainer and founder of k11 fitness) teaches you how to be a successful personal trainer, Sameer Patange (India's best celebrity tattoo artist) teaches you the art of tattooing, Ranadeep Moitra (Ex fitness coach to the Indian cricket and football teams, golfers and athletes) teaches you body conditioning, functional movements and how to prevent injuries and so on. There are many more courses by experts on topics that are different, interesting and that add value for an enthusiast or those looking at these genres as a career.

Master Mentors will be using the funds to add more immersive master and mentors for opening up an extensive platform of learning to revolutionize the skill-based education system of India by providing the Indian masses with a variety of courses based upon all kinds of art-forms and other subjects that are considered to be unconventional or are seen under a niche spectrum.

Master Mentors was founded by Suraj Juneja (Co-Founder and CEO), Vijay Rachh (Co-founder and CFO), and Aaquib Hussain (Co-Founder and COO) on 1st October 2019 with an intention to reach their goal by not only providing the online courses to their respective students but by also yielding a digital space to the mentors who are defining their fields with their skills but need a digital platform to share their expertise.

The idea for The Master Mentors came as a response to the fact that there was too much going on outside our little space. Master Mentors was founded on the premise of knowledge sharing, free expression and for telling stories that are typically unheard or lost and to give a voice and platform to those who are great at what they do and want to share their knowledge. Over the years, they intend to also become a platform that gives a voice to the censored, ostracized, and forgotten tribal communities, thus giving a home to artists who would not otherwise be known. There are also millions of people who are bringing changes to society and need a voice to be heard. The inclusiveness of these voices is what defines Master Mentors" said Suraj Juneja, (Co-founder and CEO) of Master Mentors.

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