GURUGRAM, India, Jan. 30, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- DigitalEd India will sell and support Möbius, a globally-proven, comprehensive online learning platform that automatically test and immediately provides feedback to STEM students.

DigitalEd and Binary Semantics are excited to announce that they have entered into a joint venture with the name of DigitalEd India LLP. DigitalEd India will sell and support Möbius, a globally-proven comprehensive online learning platform that automatically tests and immediately provides feedback to STEM students.

DigitalEd and Binary Semantics are excited to announce the launch of DigitalEd India LLP. DigitalEd India will sell and support Möbius, which provides an unparalleled immersive online learning experience primarily for higher education STEM students. India has a long tradition of providing outstanding higher education, with a particular focus on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). The Möbius online platform has unique STEM- related capabilities that automatically test students' comprehension and provides immediate sophisticated feedback and guidance. DigitalEd India, will work with leading educational institutions throughout India, to simultaneously improve the effectiveness and lower the costs of higher education, through digital learning.

Möbius is currently used by leading educational institutions worldwide, and India has millions of students who will benefit from improved online STEM education. DigitalEd India will work closely with leading Indian universities to improve Indian education and allow these educational institutions to scale to teach students from around the globe, independent of their current geographical location.

"We partnered with Binary Semantics to address the potential of the emerging online education technology market in India. Now with the accelerated pace of online learning adoption, establishing this new joint venture company allows us to tailor our interactive educational content and platform for the particular needs of the Indian higher education market and to allow Indian education institutions to more easily scale to a worldwide student market". Jim Cooper, CEO, DigitalEd

About DigitalEd - India

DigitalEd India is a joint venture of DigitalEd, Canada and Binary Semantics Limited, India and is an Edutech company having its headquarter in Gurgaon, India and branch offices in Mumbai and Bangalore. As the value and necessity of remote/ online education is the demand of the modern world, DigitalEd India appreciates the value of better STEM education and aims to provide high-quality, STEM-based course materials to the India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan and Maldives educational markets.

The dedicated online learning expert team of DigitalEd India will work with higher education institutions to establish an Indian network of educators to lead and inspire others on their online journey. This team will work closely with educational institutes to develop interactive Möbius educational content that utilizes the advanced features of the platform.

"Online education in India is going to touch 9.5 million users this year. This is high time to shift the paradigm to innovative and futuristic Flip Learning. Möbius supports transformation in the conventional learning system by creating and deploying online STEM courses, providing powerful offline content, interactive lessons, assessments, and engaging learning activities, to unfold unparalleled immersive learning experience." Ashima Choudhary - CEO of DigitalEd India and Director of Binary Semantics

About DigitalEd:

DigitalEd is an online learning company with a simple and resonant purpose-to shape the world through digital learning. Möbius is DigitalEd's global cloud platform for creating and deploying online STEM courses used by over 300 universities worldwide. Providing lessons, assessments and interactive learning activities, Möbius unfolds the potential for the STEM student to acquire knowledge at a guided yet self-defined pace. DigitalEd is based in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

About Binary Semantics:

Binary Semantics is a global software products and services company offering a range of value-driven products, solutions, and services encompassing SaaS, PaaS, broadly XaaS, Hybrid and Enterprise to its customers. The range covers - Insurtech products and platforms under VISoF, Logistics & Transportation solutions under FleetRobo™, GST, E-way Bill and e-invoicing solutions as a GSP under GSTrobo™ and solutions around leading BI and Analytics products from SAS, IBM, Qlik, Altair, and Maplesoft.

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