India’s leading business podcast QuoteUnQuote With KK ( produced by healthcare and investment industry veteran Kapil Khandelwal of Toro Finserve LLP, made several announcements during its 2020 season finale on 17 December 2020 speaking with Mark Mobius of Mobius Capital Partners on the podcast titled, The Inflation Myth and Emerging Markets Outlook 2021.

Kapil Khandelwal quoted during his podcast, “we have been listening to our listeners and next year season, we're going to run QuoteUnquote with KK on 2 tracks – Healthy and Wealthy. Healthy because of what we have gone through in this year and realized and the because, without healthy world we cannot become wealthy world. So these are two very intermingled issues. We have lined up star speakers from different areas in healthcare and investments and current events and developments. We would be with popular demand, going to run this podcast show on a fortnightly basis. Our team is very excited to give more to the audience demands and feedback.

Talking to the press, Kapil Khandelwal added, “When we started QuoteUnQuote With KK in May 2020, the format was a virtual live event for 750 CXOs by invite, with world thought leaders giving their perspective on the pandemic and recovery. With the pandemic fading and economic recovery underway and the feedback of our wider virtual listeners of over 175 million globally, its time to switch gears and discuss the vaccine and health playbook along with the future of the world in the new normal as it pans out next year. Our line up of guests on the podcast are world thought leaders who are on top of their game providing their views. Currently, around 60% of our listeners are Indian and the balance of them are abroad. We are planning to cater a global view on issues by though-leaders for the emerging thought leaders. Our strategy is to expand our listener base in 2021 both in India and overseas. We are working out deals with distributors which we will announce shortly. Our value proposition is a free radio talk show without the disturbance of ads, no repetitive music, and full of well-researched, well-thought out content with global thought leaders.”

Podcasting originated in India in 2015 when the Indian market came to the notice of Audioboom, a UK-headquartered company that hosts, distributes and helps monetise podcasts. Presently, many players in India are also developing platforms and content to create and distribute podcasts to the wider masses in India. The trend of podcasting is catching up in India very rapidly. Podcasts score over the radio channels, where the focus is on solid, interesting content and less on commercialisation.

Podcast listening has also increased markedly in India in the past years, with monthly listeners (defined as people who listened to at least one podcast in the last month), totalling four crore in 2018. While this has already made India the world's third-largest podcast-listening market after China and the US, PwC estimates that Indian listenership could go beyond 17 crore by 2023.

Observes Kapil Khandelwal, “There are hardly any podcast shows from India which are attracting global audience on a very focused content and subject. QuoteUnquote with KK is addressing the Outside-In view of India for a global audience. The last 10 episodes of our podcast have provided the listeners with unbiased perspective on various issues right from the pandemic, economic recovery, employment, capital markets, digital healthcare, geo-politics and policy and reforms”
About QuoteUnQuote With KK

QuoteUnquote with KK QuoteUnQuote with KK – Kapil Khandelwal (KK) is a podcast show that organises a virtual fireside chat with the thought leaders around the world on various current issues and topics in business, economic, investing and socio-politics. The podcast is available on several platforms including, Apple Podcast, Spotify, Google Podcast, iHeart Radio, Aawaz, Zee5, Amazon Music Podcast, iTunes Radio, TuneIn Radio reaching over 175 million listeners globally.

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About Kapil Khandelwal (KK)

Popularly known as Father of ‘Quant Offshore Hedge Fund Investing’ in India amongst the Hedge Fund Managers in India and abroad, Kapil Khandelwal (KK) has earned recognition to be amongst the few handful Indians approved by the United Kingdom’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) approved board members’ list to serve the boards of funds, banks and financial institutions. He is a successful angel investor, venture capitalist and expert in health sciences, education, agri, clean tech and information communications and technology (ICT). His expertise positions him as one of the thought leaders in India, Asia Pacific and Emerging Markets. A business leader with standout success in positioning funds globally and driving investments for growth and profitability. He is driving business results through mentoring leaders and his passion is connecting people and making an impact on the lives of people in this region. During his career, he has carried out over 45 transactions including cross-border. He manages India’s first Healthcare Infra Fund, Toro Finserve LLP ( which is a closed-ended USD 500 million fund.

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