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The WILDCON 2020, online International Conference was held from 18-20 December 2020 and inaugurated on 18th December at the hands of Dr. N. Rambabu, Hon'ble PCCF (HoFF) and Hon’ble Minister of Forest, Relief & Rehabilitation Shri Sanjayji Rathod attended it virtually. The focus of the Conference was “Insights into wildlife conflicts, rescue and rehabilitation: Challenges and Opportunities for Conservation.”
The inauguration was chaired by Col. (Dr.) Prof. A. M. Paturkar, Hon'ble Vice-Chancellor, MAFSU whereas Dr. N.P. Dakshinkar, Hon'ble Vice Chancellor, Durg, Hon'ble N.H. Kakodkar, Principal Chief Conservator of Forest & Chief Wildlife Warden of Maharashtra and Hon'ble N. Vasudevan, MD, FDCM Ltd. were the Guest of Honours.
“I congratulate MAFSU, FDCM Ltd. and Forest Department for their steps taken towards wildlife management at a time when there is a need for strengthening the conservation efforts,” Minister Shri Rathod.
WILDCON 2020 hosted 17 eminent speakers from around the world who presented on various issues of wildlife. Likes of Dr. Paolo Martelli (Hong Kong), Dr. Pierre Comizzoli (USA), Steve Koyle (USA), Dr. Edward Ramsay (USA), Dr. Fabiola Quesada (South Africa), Dr. Khyne U Mar (United Kingdom), Dr. Romain Pizzi (United Kingdom), Prof Bill Holt (United Kingdom), Dr. Nay Myo Shwe (Myanmar) and Dr. Moe Moe Aung (Myanmar) shared their experiences and participated in discussion with the participants. Also, eminent speakers from apex institutes of India like Dr. K.K. Sarma, Dr. Ajay Gaur (CCMB, Hyderabad), Dr. Parag Nigam (WII, Dehradun), Dr. Samrat Mondol (WII, Dehradun), Dr. Ravikiran Govekar (Field Director, Pench TR) and Leena Hate (Heritage Conservation, Nagpur) and Dr. Samrat Mondol were on the list of speakers. A total of 1050 participants from around the country and abroad registered for the online event. A total of 282 abstracts of research papers were published in the compendium released at the event.

Dr. Rambabu called upon the urgent requirement to find best ways to help reduce the Man-Animal conflict which is only increasing day-by-day. Prof. Dr. B. M. Arora, Chairman, Association of Indian Zoo & Wildlife Veterinarians (AIZ&WV), Bareilly joined online and praised the wildlife conservation efforts of WRTC and State Forest Department.
Shri N. Vasudevan, Managing Director, FDCM expressed that the facilities created by FDCM at Gorewada Rescue Centre, Gorewada would be helpful in tackling various issues related to wildlife and assured full support to the WRTC for its functioning. Mr. Nitin Kakodkar, Hon'ble PCCF & CWLW, highlighted the Human-Wildlife conflicts in the state and the importance of symbiotic work between Veterinarians and Forest Department everywhere. Hon'ble Vice-Chancellor, DSVCKV, Durg, Dr. Dakshikar recollected the first rescue operation of a tigress which had fallen in a canal in Katlabodi and its successful rescue with the joint efforts of Forest Department and Veterinarians. This paved the foundation to the establishment of the WRTC at Gorewada.
Hon'ble Col. (Dr.) Prof. Ashish Paturkar, Vice-Chancellor, MAFSU, Nagpur assured that the Collaboration of the MAFSU and Forest Department is unique of its kind and helping in conservation efforts of the State. The Compendium containing the messages of dignitaries, theme papers and 16 lead papers and 282 abstracts of papers was released by the dignitaries. Dr. Vinod Dhoot anchored the programme and dialogued the achievements of WRTC. The session ended with an expression of vote of thanks by Dr. Sujit Kolangath.
On 20th December 2020 the plenary session of WILDCON was conducted, Hon’ble Col. (Dr.) Prof. A.M. Paturkar chaired the session.
  • The recommendations of the conference were put forward and deliberated.
  • Best Oral Presentations in different sessions were awarded. A total of 23 awards were given away in the plenary session to 17 to oral presenters and 6 to poster presenters.
  • Dr. Prof. B.M. Arora expressed satisfaction over the organization of WILDCON 2020 and announced the next conference at West Bengal Animal and Fishery Sciences University, Kolkata.
  • Dr. A.M. Paturkar urged the centre to work towards achieving the goal of ‘One Health’
  • Dr. Gautam Bhojne expressed the vote of thanks.
  • Dr Shirish Upadhye, Dr. Vinod Dhoot, Dr. Gautam Bhojne, Dr. Sujit Kolangath, Dr. Mayur Pawshe, Dr. Shalini A.S., Shri Kundan Hate, Dr. Bawaskar S.S., Dr. Mayur Kate, Dr. Sayyad Bilal, Dr. Cetan Patond, Dr. Mayur Kate exerted for successful organization of the Conference.


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