BANGALORE, India , Dec. 1, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- According to the company statement, Codingal will use the seed fund to build a 1M strong coding community of school kids by introducing STEM-related courses, competitions, and hackathons in the K-12 segment.

Bangalore -based Codingal - an online coding platform for K-12 kids on Monday announced that it has raised US $560,000 (INR 4.2 Cr) from Rebright Partners, Java Capital, and GSF Accelerator.

Launched in September 2020 , this fully remote start-up has been clocking in revenues since day one. With a mission to inspire school kids to fall in love with coding, Codingal is aiming to become the topmost online coding platforms in the nascent K-12 coding segment with 30% month on month growth.

What sets Codingal apart in the highly competitive online coding landscape is the founding team's expertise in teaching coding and building communities around computer programming.

Codingal is dedicated to providing computer science education to children with a vision of building a community of students who want to learn how to code. At Codingal, learning and competition go hand in hand. Codingal platform fosters community-building activities within school kids with engaging coding competitions and hackathons that help children learn and showcase their projects from the get-go. It has already partnered with IIT Roorkee's E-Summit to run a nation-wide hackathon. Such initiatives motivate kids further to learn coding through peer interactions and collaboration.

Brij Bhasin , General Partner at Rebright Partners said, "Coding education should evolve into a collaborative environment where community-based peer to peer learning provides a more holistic space to students. We are excited to back Codingal to build on this vision."

They are also very selective in curating their pedagogy; with carefully selected Computer science experts as teachers and a unique curriculum that is built on BIDE, STEAM, and Bloom's taxonomy model for enhancing cognitive, logical, and computational skills; Codingal makes each session personalized, informative, and engaging for their students. The learning path is customizable for every child depending on their skills, abilities, and interests. The platform also offers a specialized Robotics course, where students can learn hardware-software interfacing and application of coding in Robotics.

Codingal provides an integrated learning experience to K-12 students via a best-in-class, in-house developed proprietary virtual classroom. The teachers and students participate in a fun & engaging virtual classroom which gamifies the learning process to further motivate students for continuous learning. The platform provides teachers with the ability to manage their availability and gives the students lifetime access to a dashboard to track their progress and learnings.

Karteek Pulapaka, Co-Founder & Partner at Java Capital said, "21st-century learning is about acquiring the necessary Job skills of the future. And, coding remains the most important of them all. Naturally, parents see coding as an extremely relevant & important skill for their kids to acquire. But, it is just not enough to reimagine what is taught. It is also equally important how it is taught. Students thrive when learning is experiential & when it engages peer-community. Vivek & Satyam have deep expertise in building cutting edge Computer Science curriculum & proven ability in building massive community-driven platforms. Codingal's community engagement through gamification, quizzes, and hackathons will be crucial not only in imparting up-to-date coding skills but also in making learning fun and exciting again."

Founded by Vivek Prakash and Satyam Baranwal with a commitment towards increasing access to coding education to school kids all over the world, the Codingal team brings over fifty years of combined experience in the EdTech and Computer Science industry.

Having successfully built path-breaking products in the coding education space, this duo of second-time founders was clear about their goals while founding Codingal from the get-go. Their focus was on creating a differentiated product that is best in class and providing a lifelong learning experience by making school kids fall in love with coding.

Rajesh Sawhney , Founder & CEO of GSF Accelerator commented - "I was fortunate to find Vivek when he was still in college at IIT Roorkee when GSF Accelerator incubated HackerEarth (one of the largest community of developers in the world). Over the years, Vivek has flowered as a leader and innovator. With Codingal, he is renewing his mission to bring the joy of coding and building products for young children. This mission is the common bond between Vivek and GSF Accelerator."

About Founders

Vivek Prakash is an alumnus of IIT Roorkee with B.Tech. & M.Tech in Computer Science and founder of HackerEarth - one of the largest developer community platforms.

While talking about Codingal, Vivek said, "Teaching coding to kids becomes a necessity as the technology around us keeps evolving at a rapid pace. Coding just becomes any other language that a child needs to be fluent in, to keep up with changing landscapes and better understand the world of technology all around us.

With Codingal, we are trying to inculcate a passion and love for coding in children. We are focused on building a holistic learning platform, where the kids have fun and are engaged while learning the most basic 21st-century skill."

Satyam Baranwal is an IIT Dhanbad alum. He has been committed to teaching children from an early age and before founding Codingal, has successfully built one of the first Indian coding education companies, Skillovate, which has taught over 40,000 students.

While talking about his vision for Codingal, Satyam commented,

"There are 270 million school kids in India , but less than 1 million of them have been exposed to new age Computer Science education. Understanding how the world of technology works at a young age is more important than ever before not just as individuals but as a society.

Kids are generally curious and coding is a very constructive channel for them to translate that curiosity into creativity. We want to help children build the future of tomorrow by prepping them with the necessary knowledge today. We believe that learning to code is not about going to Mars or Moon or becoming Elon Musk or Mark Zuckerberg , but about empowering children at multiple levels starting at a young age."

About Codingal

Headquartered in Bangalore, India , Codingal is an online coding platform for K-12 kids with a mission to help children fall in love with coding at a young age. Codingal has empowered over 40,000 kids by motivating them to start learning coding via competitions and delivering quality coding education with all-star teachers only from Computer Science background. It has developed the world's first coding curriculum with BIDE Model (Broad, inspiring, Deep, Efficient) integrated with Bloom's Taxonomy and a dedicated focus on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Maths) learning methodology. School kids love the Codingal platform for its teachers, curriculum, and competitions.

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