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Vrone, a brand specialising and emphasising on Tenable Loungewear in the domain of Sustainable Streetwear, carried out its nationwide virtual launch recently with the onset of its online marketplaces. The brand is looking at establishing a unique identity within the domain of ‘Indian Loungewear’, unfazed by Westernised Trends, while pledging to use necessary means to make their practices increasingly Ecologically & Socially Conscious through various Sustainable Practices.
Sustainable Fashion:
Sustainable Fashion is a movement of fostering change to fashion products and the fashion system towards greater ecological integrity and social justice.
When one thinks of sustainable fashion, words like simplistic and minimal strike an individual’s mind rather than trendy and cool. However, Vrone redefines the objective of looking modish in Indian streetwear by adding a sustainable touch.
Vrone is an upcoming player that is all set to re-evaluate Indian streetwear by partaking in the establishment of an eco-friendly, biodegradable, and sustainable niche segment in the clothing industry. Amidst many sustainable brands in the market, Vrone is an emerging label that believes in interspersing the concept of Indian Streetwear with Sustainability.
Fast fashion is a grey cloud, looming over the Earth as a primary cause of pollution and climate change. The fashion industry is facing ardent problems of textile waste management, which link directly to unsustainable garment production and use. The founder believes that ‘Sustainability is the need of the hour’. Their main mission is to amalgamate streetwear fashion with sustainable fabrics (100% cotton).
By changing everyday habits one step at a time, we can by reduce our carbon footprint substantially.
Vrone – Causing an Effective Change:
‘Vrone’ clothing is curated for a unique set of young individuals who understand contemporary streetwear, as well as sustainability. Varun Bansal, Founder of the brand, reveals, “With an increasing number of brands coming up and promoting the concept “Buy More” online, the switch to sustainability will be a challenge. However, people need to understand that ‘less is more’, and the lethal environmental damages caused by frequent purchases.”
Buying less is much better than buying large amounts of environment-friendly products. Finding solutions to overconsumption is not only on the shoulders of big giants in the fashion industry and decision-makers but it is also the responsibility of consumers because it is a cycle of demand and supply. Therefore, it is imperative that people make conscious choices. If you buy large quantities of eco-friendly products, you are still materialistic as you are consistently acquiring new things. It showcases and highlights a mainstream consumption pattern in consumer behaviour, whereas reduced consumption is a contemporary idea that facilitates sustainability.
With Vrone, the founder aims to reach out to global markets in the future, establishing and enhancing the identity of Indian Streetwear. There will be a conscious use of environmentally friendly fabrics, dyes, and other such materials for the manufacturing and production processes of the brand. A clean and healthy work environment will be the lifestyle for the talented and motivated workforce at Vrone.
Vrone is an ethical and socially responsible brand which believes in giving back to the society. It would be participating in various social initiatives post-launch, looking at their first initiative with ‘Climate Reality India’. The amount generated through sales would be used towards various social causes like Reforestation, Children Welfare, & Education. The founder will be initiating regular reduce, reuse, and upcycle practices to reduce wastage.


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