Different communities have reacted in varying degrees of distress to the global lockdown wrought upon them by Covid-19. Sports fans were robbed of their vices when it came to indulging in the thrill, which watching their favourite game live offered them. This perpetuated longing to experience the thrill of sports again resulted in an oddly phenomenal year for Indian gamers.

With the return of live sports and Dream11 being the principal sponsor of the largest sporting spectacle in the country, the online fantasy gaming platforms saw a huge boost in awareness and participation. Due to the league's collaboration with a fantasy sports platform, today over 67% of cricket fans in India are familiar with the concept of fantasy cricket. This number is expected to grow 40-50% every year. Plus, with the ongoing IPL 2020 breaking TRP records, the Indian market has proved to be a formidable player in the bustling online gaming sphere. 

Moreover, the league's collaboration with gaming platforms offering poker, rummy, live quiz, and other “games of skill” besides fantasy sports, has only worked to encourage Indian gamers and are driving them in hordes. This has also increased the affinity that brands, marketers, and investors have towards online gaming.
Vinfotech’s foray into more pay-to-play games
Vinfotech helps companies set up their own gaming business. Vinfotech today is one of the most revered names in the online fantasy gaming industry, not just in India but globally. Boasting of a clientele that includes big names like Kings XI Punjab, Goodgamer, MPL, Paytm, Vinfotech has consistently delivered projects that have been endorsed by popular celebrities like Virat Kohli, Suresh Raina, Harsha Bhogle and many others
The company works with the aim of dominating the market it aspires to enters, and after a hugely successful stint in the world of fantasy sports, Vinfotech has decided to start offering a diverse set of pay-to-play skill games. It is keen to do so by partnering with other game providers and integrating their games into the powerful iGaming engine that the company has already developed.
Vinfotech’s gaming engine is a powerhouse, allowing the operator to integrate multiple payment gateways, provide exceptional financial reports, carry on thorough promotion and marketing, and offers incredible security to run a transaction heavy business such as gaming effectively. With the help of this solution, any company interested to enter the gaming space can be up and running with their business in less than a month’s time with a proven solution.
Through its partnerships with game developers, Vinfotech promises to provide businesses with the go-to platform to run a successful real money gaming business.

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