An ed-tech start up from Indore, Scool, was selected as one of the Top 25 brands in Indian Content Leadership League 2020 on November 20th.

The coveted Indian Content Leadership awards recognize and reward the exceptional work done by brands and creative masterminds in the field of content creation while leveraging their media awareness resulting in engaging, and often, unforgettable stories and moments for their readers and audience. ICL brings forth the leaders of the modern age who have exemplified innovation and creativity in areas of content development, marketing, publishing, delivery, etc. in different media formats and platforms.

What started as a fireside chat on experiential learning amongst an eclectic group of lifelong learners led to the idea of Scool as an ed-tech platform in Jan 2020, under the auspices of Hundred Eyes Educational Services (P) Ltd, as a post-learning platform fueled by a curated mentor community, delivering personal growth & meaningful connections.

Early on in the ideation & conceptualization process, it was clear that the disruptive approach to learning necessitated the creation of a learning-focused ‘brand’ which communicated the value that Scool would deliver to all learners. As a strategy, content creation and development became central to the brand development, and that birthed in April 2020 as an exclusive vertical for content within the parent ed-tech brand. is the home of most insightful and meaningful content for Gen Z and Millennial geeks on the internet. It was launched with an aim to change the definition of what’s cool and bring ‘intellectual discourse’ to the mainstream again. The branded content instantly became viral and resonated with the online audience.

Sagar Chaturvedi, CMO and co-founder of Scool, who has also been awarded under the Young Achiever category at ICL 2020, explained “Developing and positioning the brand before launching the core product is not the norm, but now it certainly gives us a lot of freedom to manoeuvre and space to breathe easy. The love and virality that the branded content of Scool got simply validated the strategy and the entire team’s efforts. Making it to the prestigious Indian Content Leadership League with some of the very well-established names in the industry is testimony to the quality that Scool as a brand stands for. It is a massive honour to be included in this list.”

Athar Ali, founder and CEO of Scool, called it an ‘unprecedented achievement’ for a start-up still in its infancy. He added “We, as a company, are very excited. We are a bunch of motivated and optimistic individuals, and this recognition gives the whole team another reason to believe that the core product launch of Scool would create a similar buzz. Our content vertical’s success has helped us in creating a marketing funnel that any ed-tech start up, at a similar stage, would die for. Exciting times ahead.”


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