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TrenData, a US based leading global provider of AI-driven people analytics solutions and Gloscout (, the world’s first global B2B marketplace facilitating recruitment & mobility of international blue-collared workers, have joined hands to power the Gloscout platform with predictive analytics and insight solution capability.

Gloscout will integrate TrenData’s award-winning analytics technology into its powerful matching technology software solutions, enabling its customers – employers, suppliers, and vendors to tap into predictive analytics and drive powerful insights, a critical competitive lever for companies looking to maximize global talent searches.

The partnership launches a first in the predictive analytics field: accurate insights on employer needs and talent suppliers – across the globe. At a strategic level, it will also provide insights to government & statutory bodies to align their policies with global skill demand and mobility needs.

"The Gloscout & TrenData partnership is a powerful combination. Businesses in countries facing skills shortages, demand spikes are often stunted by unmet resource needs. While suppliers in countries with higher supply struggle to connect with hiring businesses," said Gloscout CEO and Founder Sanjay Modi. “Gloscout bridges that gap, connecting employers and talent suppliers across the globe through an AI-powered matching technology. Distance is no longer a barrier.

An organization’s people power is an undeniable asset, and the ability to access highly engaged and impactful employees who can help develop and drive the business is a necessity to stay competitive.

Gloscout’s platform leverages its AI-powered matching technology to connect businesses with trustworthy suppliers across the globe who can help fill talent gaps. Coupled with TrenData’s powerful analytics, the platform provides robust transparency and insight into the best suppliers and countries to source effective talent from based on specific needs. This helps businesses to ‘Reach right, Hire right’ and ultimately realize more efficiency. TrenData’s partnership with Gloscout enhances these capabilities with insight and predictive analytics for hiring companies.”

"TrenData's predictive people analytics has been a game changer for its clients by helping stem turnover and improve recruiting to its internal population," said TrenData co-founder and CEO Tom McKeown. He continued, "Bringing these capabilities to the demand-supply matching market through Gloscout opens an entirely new technology stream for TrenData."

TrenData's cloud-based, scalable software solution leverages a high-powered artificial intelligence engine to generate predictive analytics and deliver insights for HR decision makers across dispersed datasets. The solution harnesses external big data sources and internal systems into a single location. Using the software's natural language interface, business leaders can predict workforce outcomes, examine trends among key groups, and benchmark internal retention indicators against standards set by the industry or key competitors, ultimately better equipping their organization to recruit and then retain top talent. TrenData customers range in employee counts from the hundreds to the hundreds of thousands, cutting across industry sectors such as Finance, Healthcare, Manufacturing, and Technology who have benefitted tremendously from its analytics solutions.


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