As part of its commitment to Safeguarding the Planet and contributing to vulnerable habitat coral reef conservation.

RIYADH , Kingdom of Saudi Arabia , Nov. 18, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Prof. Carlos M. Duarte , a professor in Marine Science at the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, KAUST, held a media briefing during the Summit Week of the Saudi G20 Presidency to talk about Securing a Future for the World's Coral Reefs in the G20 International Media Center in Riyadh .

Professor Duarte highlighted the need for international collaboration as key, as no single nation has the capacity to reverse the threat to coral reefs alone.

Professor Duarte , said:

"The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is committed to the conservation of coral reefs and learning from the resistance of the coral reefs in the Red Sea to damage to be able to share the lessons that we have learnt with the rest of the world but we can't do that alone

"We need a global partnership to accelerate our speedy progress to conserve coral reefs and ensure that our children and grandchildren will continue to enjoy healthy reefs in the Red Sea and elsewhere.

"So the ambition of the Saudi G20 presidency is to not only seek to conserve the reefs we have but to actually increase the extent of coral reefs globally by maybe ten percent"

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