Aims to raise Rs. 10 lakh on their ImpactGuru crowdfunding campaign

"There has been an exponential rise in the endeavors to teach children coding and programming. However, are we teaching them to tackle the various changes and challenges that they will have to face as they grow up?", writes Meghna Chaudhary, Co-Founder at WeUnlearn, for a fundraising campaign that is aiming for raising ₹10,00,000 to support over 10,000 adolescents

Based out of Bangalore, WeUnlearn developed a technology solution 'Wulu' --  an interactive AI-based chat-bot enables underserved children to empower themselves and provide a safe space for adolescents (14-17 years) to share their feelings anonymously, ask questions, reach out for help and access resources. 

Wulu is a chatbot hosted on WeUnlearn's website – can be accessed through any device including a smartphone – with the ability to identify beneficiary's problem, categorize them as per risk and customize intervention pathway as per risk.

Interventions modules include -
  • Awareness on gender bias & discrimination, implicit & explicit bias
  • Training videos on building skills such as negotiation, persuasion, communication to build self-esteem 
  • Stories of men and women breaking gender stereotypes
  • Fun activities including online games hosted on YouTube 
  • Query resolution by counsellors focusing on mental health 

WeUnlearn have so far been able to impact the lives of about 200 students during its initial pilots.

The team at WeUnlearn have taken to crowdfunding on as they now plan to impact at least 10,000 students. The ambition is to scale the solution so that every adolescent gets a fair chance at living up to their full potential.

WeUnlearn Co-Founders Meghna Chaudhury and Pallavi Khare said, 
With the help of your contribution, WULU will be launched in multiple public schools in collaboration with the Government. An entire team will be capacitated and trained to make this solution effective and useful. We require your help and support in building and scaling this solution so that every adolescent gets a fair chance at living up to their full potential. Help us help millions of adolescents in India, who cannot afford the expensive mental healthcare by contributing on our ImpactGuru fundraiser. Help us build a strong, resilient future for India.

WeUnlearn started as the Irrelevant Project in 2016 where Meghna designed and developed feminist books for 8-10-year-old children. In 2018 the name changed to WeUnlearn. 

About the Founders -

Meghna Chaudhury: 8+ years work experience in non-profit, two entrepreneurial ventures - The Irrelevant Project, and WeUnlearn ; Young India Fellow 2015, Tedx talk

Pallavi Khare: 7+ years of work experience in non-profit (Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation) and management consulting (Bain & Company). She is an IIT Delhi alum and is pursuing Masters in Public Policy from Harvard Kennedy School.

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