Eyes 20X growth by March 2021 with WhatsApp-based learning model

ConveGenius, an EdTech social enterprise, has witnessed 10X growth in its userbase across India. The accelerated growth trajectory can be attributed to the brand's unique Whatsapp-based EdTech model which allows it to reach students from all walks of life by collaborating with state governments and several low-fee private schools across the country. With this model, ConveGenius has reached 5 Million active users in India, across some of the most remote parts of the country. On average, exchanging nearly 10 million daily messages, ConveGenius's work is impacting students positively across the states of Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, and Maharashtra. Building on this momentum, the platform is eyeing 20X growth by March 2021.

The WhatsApp-based learning model by ConveGenius, which runs on WhatsApp BusinessAPI, has promoted student participation actively. Students completed over 70 million weekly learning transactions through their AI-based 'assessment and personalized learning platform', using 10 vernacular languages. Results show a high student-engagement rate with 95% of students completing their weekly learning modules in all partner states.

Commenting about this innovative use of WhatsApp, Abhijit Bose, Head of WhatsApp-India, said, "We're delighted that ConveGenius has used WhatsApp to successfully bring online education to students during this unprecedented time of the pandemic. More than ever before, all children need access to continued and engaging education, but the lack of access to phones or high-speed internet makes that difficult for many children in rural or remote areas of the country. We are committed to partnering with innovative companies like ConveGenius to deliver meaningful social impact and digital inclusion in the country."

In order to contribute to the overall goal of education reform, ConveGenius aids various state governments by providing them access to student performance dashboards. With many states struggling to find solutions to teach students during the period of COVID-19 crisis and resorting to measures like classes through television, this WhatsApp model augments their efforts in this direction seamlessly by helping them evaluate the performance of the students in their state/s in a more informed and holistic manner.

Speaking about this inspiring initiative, Shashank Pandey, Co-Founder, and President, ConveGenius said, "Our WhatsApp-based EdTech platform is very intuitive and engaging, and students feel as if they are chatting with their teachers. The potential of the platform to positively impact student learning outcomes in India is very strong, and we are very happy about our collaborative working relationship with WhatsApp. The real-time learning insights generated through the platform are being used to strengthen teaching and learning, at the last-mile, paving the way for transformational reforms in school education systems across the country."

On the ease of teaching and learning through ConveGenius's WhatsApp-based learning modules, Mrs. Manorama, a government school teacher from Madhya Pradesh, added "I do not know much about technology but I use WhatsApp quite often. Since the content was in my local language, it almost felt like having a conversation with a friend. It did not take me more than a day to figure out the learning programs and their customer support was quite helpful. Through this, I was able to help my students in their online learning."

The current pandemic has magnified the critical need for the education sector to accelerate a digital presence while ensuring that students and teachers stay connected and learn through modes that are simple and easy to use. With over 400 million users in India, WhatsApp is committed to scaling EdTech solutions and supporting ConveGenius in its efforts to transform access to quality education across India.

About ConveGenius:

ConveGenius is an EdTech social enterprise that provides a set of personalized and adaptive learning solutions. So far, it has reached 5 million weekly active users. The EdTech enterprise uses WhatsApp replacing LIVE lessons as a home learning model for students belonging to the Government and low-fee private schools. The startup has collaborated with governments of several states including Himachal Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Goa, and Uttar Pradesh to enable home learning programs that can be accessed through WhatsApp bots. The platform has expanded its reach by offering 10 vernacular languages and 20-plus curriculums followed by different schools around the country.


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