Codleo Consulting launches its exclusive Cloud based Project Management App for SMBs – ProjecLeo

New Delhi, November 2020: Codleo Consulting, one of the most trusted Indian IT companies with global footprints has recently launched ProjecLeo, an exclusive project management app to provide impeccable management practices for businesses to achieve specific goals in a specified timeline. It has powerful project planning and scheduling features with collaboration tools for teams. Also equipped with user friendly task management & time logs, to automate and streamline the essential business processes for enhanced operational efficiency.

Automating business processes is essential for strategic business control and agility. Through the ProjecLeo app, Codleo Consulting strives to provide team members more control towards task management and increased visibility across the entire organization. It allows business owners or project managers to create to-do lists, manage deadlines, and update the team automatically.

Commenting on the launch of the app, RS Maan- GlobalChief Revenue Officer of Codleo Consulting said, "Projecleo is intuitive and well-designed, it covers all the needed functions that are most compatible for Project Management. It has all the functionality you need for time tracking and project management. The app itself is built on Salesforce with a rich offering of all the most-used elements of project management, and is very easy to use."

"We walked through over many project management software solutions to find tools that have a feature set specifically designed to work for small businesses. The Gantt chart, task scheduling and time logs are our best to best elements as these provide solutions to long-held problems for the team, around visibility and scheduling. If you're looking for an affordable native-salesforce project management tool you should definitely consider Projecleo", he added.

Effective and clear communication works significantly in strengthening the connections of a company with its people and other stakeholders. The newly launched project management app sets clear channels of communication to help the team focus on their targets and ways for moving ahead. With state-of-the-art features, the app updates project plans automatically in real-time and allows the team members to create their own project templates.


·         Real-time dashboards for project tracking

·         Gantt Charting to illustrate project planning and scheduling

·         Online planning to create and share important plant for multiple team members viewing

·         Scheduling to manage workload across multiple projects

·         Task Listsfor easy task management

·         Collaboration for easy discussion of tasks through universal sharing

·         Resource management to provide easy resource allocation tools

·         Task management to help the team members manage and track the progress of their own tasks

·         Built on Cloud based Salesforce Platform with Best AI and Analytics with low Code & Drag & Drop features

·         Mobile App

The app has 3 versions and is specially priced at USD $7 per month for SMB's. Plus, it is available at a discounted price for non - profits and educational institutions, on the Salesforce App Exchange.

About Codleo Consulting

Codleo Consulting is one of the most trusted IT companies based in New Delhi. It brings together a broad range of services within the areas of CRM, Digital Marketing, and Marketing automation. They believe in innovation and problem solving, committed to helping companies of all sizes, across many industries, around the world in order to achieve the best results in their businesses.

Codleo Consulting has established a global presence in international countries including Canada, Australia, and the United States. With state-of-the-art applications and services, it is also planning to establish a new Global Delivery Centre of 250 seats in Hyderabad, by the end of 2021. 


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