HYDERABAD, India and CAMBRIDGE, Mass. , Nov. 5, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Excelra , a leading global data science & data analytics company, and Cellarity, a flagship pioneering company working on the development of a new generation of medicines to treat diseases at the level of cell behaviours, have today announced an agreement whereby Excelra will provide Cellarity access to its Global Online Structure Activity Relationship database (GOSTAR).

GOSTAR  is the world's largest small molecule medicinal chemistry intelligence platform that encompasses over 8 million compounds, linking chemical structure to biological, pharmacological and therapeutic activities. With a vast knowledge base of 28 million SAR data points, GOSTAR equips researchers in the early as well as optimization stages of drug discovery.

Cellarity's drug discovery platform uses high-resolution biological data and unique machine learning capabilities to pioneer an entirely new approach to drug discovery. Cellarity is designing medicines that target and change cell behaviors to unlock treatments in a large number of disease areas. "We are looking forward to using high quality annotated GOSTAR data on millions of small molecules, while leveraging Cellarity's proprietary AI/ML modules to generate predictable drug-like molecules that ultimately guide the design of novel Cell Behavior-Targeted therapies. Our preliminary assessment gives us the confidence in the utility of GOSTAR database," said Ramakanth Sarabu , Head of Chemistry, Cellarity.

"GOSTAR is a widely used structure activity relationship database in AI/ML driven drug discovery programs. We strongly believe that this collaboration equips AI/ML and medicinal chemistry researchers at Cellarity to utilize curated interactions of millions of small molecules with potential drug targets to generate novel compounds with desired pharmacological profiles," said Raveendra Dayam, Director, Chemistry Services, Excelra.

About Cellarity:

Cellarity is a first-of-its-kind therapeutics company that is discovering and developing medicines by studying and altering cell behaviors. Cellarity has developed a powerful, generalizable platform harnessing single-cell technologies, machine learning and proprietary data models of disease to unveil the network state of a given cell. The platform digitizes and quantifies cellular behaviors, unravels the network dynamics that govern those behaviors, and generates medicines that can direct them. https://cellarity.com/

About Excelra:

Excelra's data science and data analytics solutions empower innovation in life sciences. The Excelra Edge comes from a seamless amalgamation of proprietary data assets, domain expertise and data science to accelerate drug discovery & development. Visit www.excelra.com


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