The mouse is necessary when using a computer. A suitable mouse can improve work efficiency. It will also make yourself happy. The mouse is an essential device for both daily work and casual games. What do we need to pay attention to when choosing a mouse? The following examples can provide some references.

In general case, a mouse has at least two buttons. They are left and right buttons. Most operating systems assign the left button to the primary operations. For example, we use the left button to select objects and click items on the screen. The right button is for the secondary operations, such as opening a menu. There are exceptions, of course. Some of them may have only one button. They will use various techniques to imitate the right mouse button as needed.

Often, the mouse has more function buttons. It covers other buttons at the top and side buttons for accessing special actions. It also includes scrollers for scrolling and performing other actions. In many cases, a multi-button mouse has a corresponding software. Via it, you can customize and remap buttons and wheels. Therefore, you can achieve a variety of personal functions. Selecting the mouse according to the proper buttons and rollers can improve the work efficiency and use experience. If you are using complex applications, a mouse with various buttons that can be mapped to various functions may be more helpful.

Choose a wired mouse or a wireless one? When buying a computer, there will be a wired mouse with it. The response speed of a wired mouse is higher than that of a wireless one. If you have high demand on response speed, do not need to consider a wireless mouse. People divide Wireless mouse into 2.4 G Mouse and Bluetooth Mouse. The 2.4 G Mouse needs additional accessories to receive signals. At this point, it has similar troubles with wired mice. If you want freer use, Bluetooth Mouse is the best choice.

The Bluetooth Mouse price on the market is not high. Compared with the 2.4 GHz Wireless Mouse, you can use it across platforms. Both Windows and MAC systems are compatible. The advantage of Bluetooth Mouse is that it needs no receiver for connection. Wireless Mouse also has high performance products with 16000 DPI and 1000 Hz feedback rate. Its anti-jamming capability has been at a level equivalent to that of wired mouse. It is enough for daily and work use.

A suitable mouse will improve our work efficiency. It can even make us feel happy at work. Get rid of the shackles of the line, our work will be more relaxed. So, Bluetooth Mouse is a great office tool.
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