Shilps is a deep science company in the Biotechnology space that has developed a microfluidic Single Cell Platform for drug discovery and development.

The platform helps clients identify the best cells for various applications, including cell based therapies for cancer.

Bengaluru, 09 November 2020 : Bengaluru based Biotech startup Shilps Sciences today announced closing a Pre-series A financing round led by AngelList, which also saw participation from some existing investors. The funding will be used to expand client workflows on their platform and expand presence in the US.

Shilps Sciences was born out of a vision to become a leading technology innovator and enabler at the forefront of the coming wave of biological engineering. It is founded by Dr Ashwin Lal, a PhD from the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne in Switzerland with over two decades of experience in instrumentation, nanotechnology and scientific product development. During the course of his work in nanotechnology, Dr Lal saw an opportunity to create nanotechnology-based instruments for the Life Sciences Industry. This led Dr Lal to return back to India and found Shilps Sciences.

Shilps' patented high output 'Nano-bioreactors on a Chip' technology helps clients analyze single cells for various therapeutic applications, including antibody production and T Cell Therapy. Operating at the intersection of biology, electronics, fluid mechanics and data, Shilps enables the rapid deployment of nanoscale single cell workflows for therapeutics and beyond. The platform will be used to identify which of the T-cells are most effective in killing cancer tumor cells. The global market for cell analysis was an estimated $16 billion in 2019 and is forecast to reach $22.7 billion by 2024.

Commenting on Shilps' innovative technology, BioPharma Industry leader & Head of Biologics at Dr. Reddy's , Dr. Cartikeya Reddy said, "Current mainstream methods are unable to provide the type of single cell analysis that is required for novel therapeutic development in a post CRISPR world. Shilps has a promising single cell platform."

"Microorganisms are the workhorses of nature and the best factories ever designed. The biopharma industry is now harnessing nature's four-billion-year-old cell 'machinery' to produce valuable therapeutics. Finding the right master cell for drug discovery is like finding the proverbial needle in a haystack. Given the strength of our single cell platform, antibodies and CAR-T Cell Therapy are two key focus areas. We are excited that the current round of funding enables us to accelerate biology application development on our platform and expand our presence in the US ecosystem. We are also engaging with key opinion leaders and early access partners in this field." said Ashwin Lal, PhD., CEO of Shilps.

Living cells are the future of manufacturing a whole new class of pharmaceuticals, accelerated by novel gene editing techniques. Cells drive billion-dollar product lines like Avastin and Herceptin for cancer therapy. Powering this growth in cell-based pharma R&D is a new class of enabling technology providers.

Shilps' mission is to drive speedy and affordable discovery in the healthcare industry by bringing pioneering technology innovations.

"Delighted to see a deep science startup from India developing disruptive technology for the world. Synthetic biology is the next frontier that will fundamentally transform a vast range of industries, "says Abhishek Nag, lead Investor, AngelList India syndicate.

Earlier funding includes grant support from the Department of Biotechnology and equity investments from Center for Cellular and Molecular Platforms. "We are excited to have supported and funded Shilps, a deep science startup, to help realize their vision of developing world leading technologies, while being incubated at C-CAMP," said Dr Taslimarif Saiyed, CEO and Director, C-CAMP. The startup was also recognized by Applied Ventures LLC, the venture capital arm of Applied Materials Inc as one of the top 3 deep tech startups in India. As part of Applied Startup Technology & Research Accelerator, they have an MoU for scientific collaboration.


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