Gone are the days when you lost a cent at every text you sent. And even then, you were not sure if it went through. Those days seem like the Stone Age now.

Mobile apps are the masterstroke of technology, changing lives forever. They have made instant yakking as easy as pie, either through text, videos, images, voice notes, or combined methods. Consequently, more people bump into lamp posts and each other than ever before!

Even though other app genres are also gaining popularity, chat apps never cease to amaze us.

Before you cave into a gnawing sense of boredom at the dentist or a bus station, grab your phone and talk to your friends. Check out what they’re doing right now or share your current feelings with them. A random banter could help release stress and alleviate your mood.

Messaging Apps – A Statistical Insight

Chances are your phone has already beeped a couple of times since you began reading this blog. The integration of social media with chat options makes it easier to converse with your friends, family, and colleagues.

According to a Facebook survey on messaging app use, over half of the participants preferred to message a brand on their messaging apps rather than calling.

Apart from the corporate sector, chat apps are a blessing for ordinary conversations too. Statista reveals that by Q4 of 2019, Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger were the most popular messaging apps globally. They held 1.6 billion and 1.3 billion users, respectively.

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It makes sense to say that we are living in an era of hyper-communication. Statista discovered how 41 million messages are sent out every minute. Moreover, The Wall Street Journal predicts the average revenue generated per user will be more than $15 by 2020.

It’s no wonder messaging apps are growing at such a rapid pace. Now is the best time to dive into the developers’ world. There are particular platforms like AppMakr, making it simpler to develop mobile apps.

4 Chat Apps to Bust Your Boredom

In this post, we explore the best chat apps available in stores. Let’s go!

1. Whatsapp

Whatsapp is a voice and text messaging app that surfaced in 2009. Due to its features and functionality, the app has gained massive popularity since. Part of what makes this app appealing is its operability on different phones and desktop.

The app has continuously added new elements to its toolkits like stickers, emojis, and fully encrypted messages between users. From its inception, Whatsapp has been free of charge. It uses your phone’s 2G, 3G, 4G, Edge, or Wi-fi connection instead of your plan’s message plan.

Choose Whatsapp when:
    1. You want to connect with a large group
    2. You have special someone whom you love to talk to
    3. You’re a fan of group chats but don’t want them to disturb you
WhatsApp stated it serves more than 2 billion people in over 180 countries, having over 500 million daily active users. As per the Market Intelligence Report, WhatsApp is gaining popularity compared with its competitors. It’s even edging out its Facebook sibling, Messenger.

2. Facebook Messenger

Facebook isn’t only the largest social platform. It is also the second biggest messaging app in terms of monthly active users.

You can share photos, videos, text and become a part of a larger group as well. It automatically allows you to populate your contact list. However, you can permit someone to add you as a contact by scanning a unique code. There is no device limit – you can make calls from your phone app to someone using Messenger on desktop.

Choose Facebook Messenger when:
  1. You want to share flight details, recipes, news updates, or other details
  2. You love cool new tech
  3. You’re looking for a fun yet reliable way to connect with friends
  4. You want to host up to 50 people
Statista anticipates the number of users on Facebook Messenger to reach 2.48 billion by 2021. It also discovered that 1.3 billion people use Facebook Messenger every month – this makes 11% of the World Population!

3. airG – Meet New Friends

It is always exciting to get in touch with new people across the globe. It broadens your horizons and perks up your social circle.

airG – Meet New Friends allows you to expand your network by meeting people who share the same passion and interest as you. You can flirt, chat, or discuss serious issues. With over 100 million members worldwide, there is always someone to talk to.

Choose airG when:
  1. You want to empower your perceptions
  2. You want to avoid ads associated with other platforms
  3. You like sending high-quality images
  4. You’re crazy about cool emoticons
With constant updates and bug fixtures, airG Spam-free apps provide an uninterrupted experience for the users. Their chat app allows you to connect with strangers when you input preferable age, location, or other details.

4. Snapchat

Snapchat provides a rich platform to share moments with your family and friends. What makes this app different from the others is that you can send multimedia snippets from your day-to-day lives. These snaps do not stay for more than 24 hours.

You can share photos and videos with a particular recipient or with a selected group of followers. But the most appreciated feature of this app is the filters. Even celebrities have showcased hilarious videos with these filters. You can make your face look like an alien, wear a silly outfit, or make a puppy-dog face.

Choose Snapchat when:
  1. You’re a corporate entity and want to market your brand through filters
  2. You want to send personalized Bitmoji avatars
  3. You want to share chunks from your life with friends, family, colleagues, or customers
Hootsuite reported in June 2020 that 238 million people were using Snapchat every day. And as per Statista, it is the world’s 13th most popular social media platform, having 397 active monthly users. Perhaps the bite-sized communication and security are the reasons behind its success.

Ending Remarks

There is something extraordinary about all apps listed above. Your choice of a chat app must rely on your requirements. We also recommend you to scan more messaging apps in stores. Maybe you’ll find something that hits all the right chords for you!

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