This question raised many student's minds about choosing one of these institutes. Almost every student is confused about choosing one of these. Some say that Narayana is best and some say that Sri Chaitanya is best and here students start getting confused. They know that the advice from others is complete trash. If anyone wants to conclude then they have to do it on their research.

If you are also confused between these institutions then this article will help you. It is a complete brief comparison of Sri Chaitanya Vs Narayana. Just stick to this article to the end, you will have enough knowledge about these institutions and you don't have to ask anyone else. So, Let's just dive into it.

Comparison Of Teachers

Let's first talk about Sri Chaitanya's teacher. They are just world-class. The methodology they use to teach students is also world-class. They are experts in their subjects. They know how to teach students so that they can understand every concept easily. They teach every concept briefly no matter, it is basic or advanced. Also, they know that it is difficult for some students to understand a concept at once so they allow them to ask any doubt or problems they have in studying. They treat every student in the same way, it doesn't matter to teachers that he/she is the child of a businessman or labor. They don't treat anyone harshly and that's a great quality that any teacher can have.

Now let's talk about Narayana's teachers. Teachers of Narayana are not well enough to be liked by the students. Their teaching method is very ordinary and it gets boring for students while studying. They don't teach the concepts briefly and because of this many students are not able to understand the advanced concepts. They don't even solve the doubts clearly which is a very terrible thing for students. 

Mental Health preparation

Preparing for a competitive exam can be very stressful for many students doesn’t matter the subject or the kind of preparation, anxiety can knock on the doors anytime. Many students live with anxiety while preparing for the exam. But, Sri Chaitanya Coaching Institute takes care of all the children who are living with anxiety or stress. They know the importance of mental health. If a student's mind is not prepared for a competitive exam then he/she wouldn't be able to give 100℅ in the exam even if they studied everything.

Sri Chaitanya has counselors who take care of the students who are stressed or anxious. They talk to every student personally and help them on a personal level. Also, they have a flexible timetable for students so that they can give importance to their physical health also.

In Narayana, there is no facility available for children for helping students on a mental level. If a student is not mentally fit then no one should expect from him/her to perform well in their competitive exams.

Sri Chaitanya vs Narayana: which has the best faculty.

Let's first talk about Sri Chaitanya's faculty. Doubting its faculty is like doubting our parent's love. It has one of the best faculty in India. Its faculty is one of the main reasons for the high rate of success. Everyone who studied there, they always appreciate their faculty. It is proved that Sri Chaitanya students are higher ranked than others and their records of success speak.
  • They conduct weekly tests to check that all the students are understanding everything or not.
  • They also conduct debates for students every week and it helps a lot in increasing critical thinking.
  • They conduct special classes for students who have doubts and problems in understanding concepts. They give freedom to every student to ask anything related to their studies.

Now, if we compare Narayana's Faculty with Sri Chaitanya then it is one-sided winning for Sri Chaitanya because Narayana's faculty don't even stand in front of Sri Chaitanya. Here are a few reasons. They don't conduct any weekly tests for students to check their understanding of the concept they teach. They don't conduct any classes for solving student's doubts and that is a huge disadvantage for students. 

So, this was Sri Chaitanya Vs Narayana. The topics that are covered in this article are the major points that everyone looks out while taking admission in any institute. I hope now you are completely able to choose the best institute for you.

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