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Known for transforming the enrolment processes at over 300 higher education institutions, NoPaperForms is now all set to spearhead change in School Admissions. The Info-Edge funded SaaS based ed-tech start-up has grown tremendously since its inception just three years ago. Catalysing this growth is their approach and experience with equipping Colleges and Universities with not just tools for Admissions, but Marketing, Post Applications, and everything that comes in between to help them boost their bottom-line.

UniApply is a Common Application Platform that provides a hassle-free school search and admission experience to parents and students, while making it seamless for schools to manage and succeed with their admissions and reach. Gone are the days when parents had to stand in long queues just to get a form from one school to another. UniApply makes applying to multiple schools a very streamlined and easy experience by using one single form. With over 29,000 verified parents already, UniApply has started to become a common household name that’s recognized for its one stop solution to Explore, Decide, Apply, and Enrol to schools in just a click: an advancement to the ever tiring and outdated school admission process.

Gaurav Singh, Vice President of Product and Growth shares how UniApply will equip schools to focus on what’s important: “As a school, the primary focus is always on scaling admissions while leaving all hassle and tiring work behind. This results in an unmatched presence and redefined efficiencies with engagements and applications. Parents spend a lot of time driving around the town and to multiple schools, only to realize that the admissions are closed or that the faculty or infrastructure is not as they are looking for, or worse yet, stand in long queues in scorching heat to just get a form. The entire process repeats when they go back to submit the application. All they now have to do is to type in the address bar on their phones, tablets, or PCs, no matter wherever they are, to find exactly what they need without compromises or misinformation. School education is crucial and it’s important to make sure it’s done right” he says.

The number of schools in the country are three times the number of schools in China but what plagues education and school admissions in India, is the age-old practice and processes that make it difficult for parents to make the right choice for their children, while making it difficult for schools to reach out and mark their presence within their target groups and audiences. To choose from over 1.5 million schools in the country or from hundreds in a city only compounds the problem for parents, hence it is not uncommon to find them tirelessly seeking out for details about a school from all sources they can. Keeping a track of multiple applications they have to fill out and submit before the closing dates, further adds to their discomfort. It’s all educated guess-work but it doesn’t end there.

The perennial problems that schools deal with while furthering their reach, managing their presence online, or accepting applications has a hay-wired plot as well. It’s exactly what UniApply solves as it equips schools with the competitive edge to stand out on all fronts while empowering parents to find exactly what they need for their child through a process that is informed, easy and effortless.

Founder and CEO at NoPaperForms, Naveen Goyal, shares that transformation has always called for bold measures and rethinking school admissions has been no easy task. “While working in the education industry with Higher-ed Institutions of all sorts and sizes like SRM University, Manipal Academy of Higher Education and exams such as NMATbyGMAC or XAT by XLRI across the country, the team realized that the challenges at school level is way more worse than one could imagine.”

“The huge disconnect between searching parents and schools often is what makes the most important decision, a hassled one, as information and the processes are simply complex. So, as NoPaperForms continues to grow exponentially, today we have launched UniApply in seven cities and are preparing to add another hundred more cities by this time next year” he further adds.

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