With the Zapp, companies can use Zendesk to increase agent efficiency and improve customer relationships with face to face conversations directly inside Zoom meetings. This delivers more responsive experiences with efficient conversations between customers and team members.

Companies can:
  1. Create, manage, and solve their tickets with customers without leaving Zoom
  2. Collaborate with team members to review, update, and respond to customer service tickets together
An example might be, an agent and customer connect via Zoom. Instead of leaving Zoom to track in Zendesk Support, the agent can create a ticket directly in a sidebar with the Zendesk interface that can only be seen by the agent. The full Zoom experience, including video conferencing and screen sharing can be leveraged to help facilitate the experience.

Later, an agent wants to connect with a colleague on Zoom to discuss progress on the ticket, and they can do so directly in their meeting without having to go back and forth between their Zoom meeting and the Zendesk interface.


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