• Aims to provide high-quality, natural and traditionally processed food products manufactured at source (rural areas)
  • Focusing on source identification and traceability solution
  • Funds will be used to expand business and create tech-enabled supply chain 

Foodtech start-up, Anveshan has raised Rs. 1.12 crore in the pre-seed funding round led by Titan Capital. With a fresh influx of capital, the company will focus on expanding its supply chain and operations across India. The start-up creates food micro-Entrepreneurs in villages across India that make these food products using traditional practices while ensuring quality control through traceability. This model ensures the best quality food product for the customers along with social and economic upliftment of the Indian farmers. 

With the vision to provide best quality and healthy food products, a significant pie of the investment will also be used for food research and the development of technical solutions and devices that can track the food quality.

Co-founded in late 2019, by three young and energetic IIT Guwahati graduates, Aayushi Khandelwal, Akhil Kansal and Kuldeep Parewa, Anveshan plans to tap the growing market for local and Indian origin foods by providing high-quality natural and eco-friendly products. Anveshan is an attempt to solve the problem of lack of transparency and quality control in food products to ensure best products for the consumers. The foodtech company also wants to change how food is perceived today by making people aware of the manufacturing process and providing them super nutritious and tasty food products.

Talking about the investment and the support from the Titan Capital, Aayushi Khandelwal, Co-founder, Anveshan said, “We are elated to receive this initial support and investors’ belief in our vision to replace all the unhealthy ingredients in the kitchen that have long-term health ailments with natural and quality food products. We want our customers to take pride while buying Anveshan food products as not only are they contributing to their own health but also impacting the lives of Indian farmers.”

“Also, with a trend towards healthier lifestyle, the market’s potential in India itself is huge and we envision expanding globally over time.” she further added.

Pleased to share, Akhil Kansal, Co-founder, Anveshan, said, “Due to misleading advertisements and false marketing of food products, consumers have lost the feeling of trust in food brands. Customers are being deceived by such campaigns and they blindly trust what is written on the label. We want to be that brand that provides purest and most natural kind of food with a proof of quality through our traceability solution."

Kuldeep Parewa, Co-founder, Anveshan, stated, "Inspite of putting in the greatest effort in the food-supply chain, our farmers gets the least monetary gains out of it. Our unique model of creating decentralised food-processing units, enables us to empower Indian farmers and the village youth. We aim to create thousands of jobs in villages through Anveshan".

Bipin Shah, partner at Titan Capital said, "We are able to see Anveshan solving quality and trust issue in food products. Even customers can trace the origin of products like A2 ghee, Spices, Edible oil. Especially a big need in urban busy population who want to be relaxed about quality of raw material being used in kitchen to remain super healthy and immune in this new world"


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