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Bluei announces its newest Wireless Neckband ‘ECHO3’. The flexi neckband is designed lightweight, shockproof and dust residence, folds easily, to be kept in the bag when not in use. Bluei ECHO 3 is a modern gadget that is popular among a wide audience. It combines features of a neckband for true HD sound with deep bass, a music transfer, and hands-free function via Bluetooth 5.0. Bluei offers voice activated dialing feature in ECHO 3 sports headset for their buyers.

This innovative gadget is part of the Bluei product range and ECHO 3 is a wireless neck gadget that provides an HD sound experience with a full-range speaker on both sides of the neck and has flexible silicone housing for comfort. The headphones combine convenience with impressive battery life. So, people can enjoy music and make phone calls easily, even when walking, running, or doing a workout. The most advanced bluetooth 5.0 provides a stable connection range up to 10 meters with customers' bluetooth devices and a 200 mAh rechargeable battery which gives 10 hrs playtime and devices takes less than one hour to charge the battery. ECHO 3 is a light-weight gadget and very comfortable to wear for longer time periods of usage, making the system perfect for work, play, and leisure time activities.

On the launch of the Bluei ECHO3, Sales Director says, “Bluei ECHO 3 is designed with immersive high definition sound quality to add music to one’s daily routine in a seamless manner, enhancing the user experience like none other. Its clear and pleasing sound will give users a soul-soothing music experience” said, Akhilesh Chopra, Sale Director at Bluei. “We at Bluei keep the improvements and transformations on a continuous process. We have bundled all the qualities which one looks for, at a very competitive price point. We are confident that the product will strike the right chord with Indian users. Be it travel, office, or play, it is engineered impeccably to give the finest possible user experience designed for all-purpose.”

Bluei ECHO 3 has several options for different audiences, customers, and age groups. As a hands-free gadget, the Bluei ECHO 3 takes the pressure off people's heads allowing them to enjoy music and to answer calls at all times. Moreover, this smart device can resist a sustained, low-pressure water jet spray, so there is no need to worry about bad weather situations, or in case the users accidentally drop their headphones into water basins or sinks, or into puddles. The customers will certainly also enjoy the sports and gaming option- two built-in high quality enhanced full-range speakers for a clear sound.

The retail price of the product is 1849 INR and comes with 6 months warranty.

About Bluei:

Bluei established in 2009 under the leadership of Mr. Rejesh Chopra Managing Director of Bluei. We aspire to be the largest mobile gadgets technology Sales & Distribution Company. Because our customers’ needs are ever-changing, we recognize the value of looking towards and keeping pace with the future. Our goal is to enrich our customers’ personal lifestyle with innovation, technology advancements, and services of superior quality.

We strive to make sales and profitability opportunities for vendors and resellers through innovative products, unique marketing strategies, technical support, and distribution & prompt after-sales service while being mindful of our social and ethical responsibilities. Our users can have an array of products from the latest and unique flagship of Bluei gadgets and our products are a perfect blend of innovative technology, unique design, and competitive price. We are loyal to serve with the best in quality and innovative products and our key focus is on using creative designs, high-quality reliable components with smooth exteriors.
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