There are many reasons which have caused the evolution of e-commerce platforms. Buying decisions and buying patterns were hugely impacted by excessive usage of social media by people. Thus, consumers pushed businesses to come online and maintain a strong online presence. If businesses do not have an online presence, their products will be taken with a pinch of salt. This gave rise to e-commerce platforms slowly.

There are many e-commerce platforms in India that are ideal for small businesses. Small businesses can use them and propagate their objectives and mission on the website.

1. WooCommerce

This is an e-commerce plugin that allows clients to build an ecommerce website by using WordPress website. This is a perfect e-commerce free plugin for small as well as large-sized platforms. This plugin was launched in 2011. Since then, the plugin has become popular for its simple and unique features. It saved a lot of money for businesses by allowing them to install and create an ecommerce platform for free.

2. OpenCart

This is a PHP-based online solution that offers a good opportunity to create a less-demanding e-commerce website. OpenCart offers various lucrative features such as a sorted order processing method, organized and efficient inventory functionality as well as other important features of an e-commerce platform.

There are free as well as paid extensions and modules to select. You can pick up a solution that suits your interest in the best way. One of the greatest advantages is that it is a user-friendly website, which makes it easy to use the website.

3. Shopify

This Shopify is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms that are renowned widely for its convenient set-up, quick load-speed, and safe payment options. This is an online Company that allows anybody to establish their shop and sell products online. It offers instant solutions to the users who create their website in a matter of a few minutes.

If you choose to create your shop at Shopify, you will find it extremely easy to add items, customization of designs, setup of the domain name, payment settings, and shopping. All of these functions can be performed in a flash on the Shopify. This makes it one of the best e-commerce platforms in India.

4. Magento

This is a free-edition platform for small businesses, which can be utilized by online businesses without any costs. No doubt, Magento is the leader of e-commerce platforms that offers the most lucrative and beneficial ecommerce platform offers than all others. If you choose to establish your online shop using the open-source framework of Magento, you will surely love the web portal feel of your website. Magento also hands you control of the content and functionality of your website. This is a versatile online store that performs flexibly and highly.

The main aim of Magento is to allow thousands of businesses to grow and develop with the help of flexible cloud solutions. Vendors, who create shops online, get themselves reviews by other top websites. Reviews increase the trust of consumers in the products. RevExpo is also one such website that offers high-quality, authentic, and tested reviews of products.

5. ZenCart

This has been made specifically for online vendors who would like to establish their shop online. This is an open-source online e-Commerce platform that has over 1 Lakh+ stores. Vendors, belonging to different parts of the world, had built these shops.

The main reasons behind the grand success of ZenCart are its user-friendly interface, easy-to-understand features, and hundreds of built-in add-ons. Users can download and modify these add-ons as per their requirements.

On the ZenCart, vendors also get to analyze and track the performance of their products. It gives them proper insight into performance reports of their products. So, vendors improve likewise and attain inevitable success on the platform.

6. 3dCart

3dCart is one of the oldest companies that offer SaaS products for their ecommerce merchants. 3dCart has continuously upgraded themselves by improving, optimizing, and upgrading their features now and then. Customers, who do not have high budgets, can use versatile and innovative solutions offered by the website. Due to its flexible and affordable plan, this is the best e-commerce platform for India.

3dCart consists of everything that is required by an entrepreneur. With hundreds of mobile-friendly themes, users can publish a website that fits their requirements well. 3DCart offers convenient, safe, and secure payment options.

7. BigCommerce

BigCommerce holds great significance in the eCommerce platform market. BigCommerce Next (BCN) has increased its overall value in the market of the eCommerce development platform. It can speed up the performance of your business without any costs. Blogging structure is the special BigCommerce feature that simplifies the advertisement tasks for users. You can utilize the power of BigCommerce to create and promote your online shop.


In addition, these are some of the highly admirable -  e-commerce platforms for small businesses in India.

One more platform that deserves an honorable mention is Zyro, a drag-and-drop website builder tool that is suitable for beginners which allows you to easily make a website from scratch without any prior coding or design skills and experience. In addition, these are some of the highly admirable - e-commerce platforms for small businesses in India.

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