Staying Connected! Something that we struggle with a lot these days. Be it with friends/family or with clients. Not staying connected could mean lost opportunities and decreasing sales, which is why staying connected is crucial. This means you would spend more money-making strategies figuring out why user retention is decreasing while on the other hand the problem lies is inadequate communication.

In an effort to help, we have listed out a few guiding ways that can be used to establish and maintain a connection with your clients. 

Organize Your Contacts

Before connecting with your clients, you must have their contact saved in an organized manner. Losing your important contacts can create annoyance in your life. What if you are looking to pitch an important client for a new deal and you lost that contact? To not go through such a set of circumstances, keep your contacts saved in a methodical way so that you can find them in need within seconds.

There are several ways that you can put in use to arrange and save your contacts. One of the proven ways is using software, like FinCRM. This CRM software doesn’t bound you with the number of contacts you can save. Small or large, no matter what is the size of your business, you can store as many contacts as you want.

Craft Different Messages for Different Clients

One size always doesn’t fit all and while dealing with your clients, try not to consider this concept. Reason? You have different clients. Every client has different needs, different goals, and different purposes behind closing deals with you. Then how can one message convey your information to all the clients in the right way?

One of your clients is using your ultimate package and you are sending him messages to try your starter pack. How will your relationship work out? Let us consider another example, your two clients have the same needs and same purpose behind contacting you, but both operate in different industries. So you need to tailor a unique message for all of your clients so that you can build trust, rapport, and good relationship with them.

Make Video Meetings the New Normal

Who knew that a tiny virus from China will travel the entire world and put everything on standstill? COVID-19 pandemic has changed the ways businesses used to operate and now, people do not prefer to meet in person but on video calls. Try using Skype, Zoom, Google Meet, etc. to conduct meetings with your clients. 

You can talk to them about feedback, discuss ideas about working remotely, close deals, or anything using video meetings. This can be new for many businesses, but you can hop on a high-quality video chat in just a few seconds and connect with your clients. Implement such ways and make your clients feel that you are still there to serve them. 

Create a Forum or Community

Online forums and communities are one of such ways to establish a connection with your clients that are never going to get old. The reason online forums and communities are never leaving the list is that you can directly engage with clients, answer their questions, carry out relevant discussions, and much more.

You can create forums or communities on social media channels, such as LinkedIn, Google+, or Facebook. Social media platforms are popular among people and your clients won’t find difficulty in getting connected with you because a large population is already on social media.

Use Relevant Software

The market is packed with a myriad range of digital solutions for any of your problems. Dealing with clients can revolve around exchanging some confidential information, so you will need a secure way to do that. Now what? A wise move is to bring in software, such as FinCRM.

We are recommending this software because it is equipped with a highly secure client portal. Yes, a client portal, where you can share important and confidential information with your clients. Be it an invoice or work progress presentation, create different portals for different clients, and share the required information securely to keep your business going.

To conclude, humans will only want to close deals with humans. So to retain your clients, you will have to make a human connection with them and stay connected to make them feel valued. Here we have shared a few tips that are really going to work. If your creative and brilliant mind has some more ideas, feel free to share them with us.

About FinCRM:

Founded in 2020, FinCRM Technologies is a software company with CRM and office management software solutions in its product portfolio. FinCRM provides help in managing your daily office operations and growing your business to the new heights. Even being a start-up, the feature-packed full-fledged CRM software has the capability to compete sturdily in the market.

FinCRM can aid your company’s almost every department, including marketing, sales, HR, customer service, finance, etc. Integrating FinCRM in your process can transform your entire business operation and help you grow exponentially. The CRM integrated office management software helps to streamline your daily operations and frees up your time to focus on other important things.

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