Many wonder what others may really think of them, or their opinions or if someone likes us. The new Faceless Chat app allows these questions to be answered in a safe, anonymous, and fun away, among many other possibilities

Being able to socialize anonymously or having the option to find out what friends may really think about a question, opinion or a post without having to expose their identities are options that many social networking enthusiasts find incredibly interesting. Now, thanks to the new Android app Faceless Chat both of these options and much more are possible. Faceless Chat works with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp and Snap Chat to deliver links to anonymous posts, where people can respond with their identity protected. To make things even better as soon as the links expire they are gone forever, without Faceless Chat even having the option to recover them, regardless of the reason. Not surprisingly, these features are making Faceless Chat a popular new social networking choice among a growing number of users who value honesty and being able to stay anonymous.

“Our mission is to create technologies that bring people even more closer using social media. The most common feature in every social network out there is a story. More than 1.6 Billion Stories are uploaded daily on all social networks and we want to make them more interactive, creative and significantly more better,” commented Sulaiman Mmd, Co-Founder and CEO of Faceless Chat.

“That’s what Faceless Chat is offering and it is obviously something that is in big demand. Many people obviously don’t enjoy the idea that their identity is attached to social networking chats and can be recovered forever. We are providing a way around that kind of headache that is ethical, well-designed, easy to use, and fun.”

Faceless Chat take a unique approach to social networking by building its interactions around a simple link, where other social networking apps surround things like photos (for Instagram), disappearing photos (Snapchat), and other more traditional approaches. Since Faceless Chat uses shareable links, it allows users to share anything with just a link, giving them the ability to turn their WhatsApp status or Snapchat stories into interactive things where online friends can have anonymous exchanges with them exploring all kinds of interesting, fun, or eye-opening subjects.

Friends who see the Faceless Chat stories can swipe up and check their posts on a web browser, as well as be able to directly interact with the user anonymously. Popular choices for posts include things like ‘Questions and Answers’, secret crushes, surprising confessions, and much more. Since things are kept anonymous and the posts vanish forever, it encourages honesty, humor, and shock value to all be celebrated.

Many people are pointing towards Faceless Chat to be the future of social networking for its ease of use, for it being able to be incorporated on other popular platforms like WhatsApp and Snapchat, and, most of all, it’s dedication to keeping things completely anonymous.

So far the feedback from users has been incredibly positive across the board, something which is helping the app’s use spread due to all of the enthusiastic user experiences.

The new app is updated regularly for the best possible user experience.

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