He has entered into a long-term agreement with the brand where he will also be the Brand Ambassador.

The Voice of Indian Cricket - Harsha Bhogle, joins hands with Fantasy Akhada–one of India's fastest growing Fantasy Sports Platform. Harsha Bhogle will be the face of the brand for the next 2 years and by picking up stake in the startup, he has further reinforced his confidence and commitment towards the brand.

Founded by Mr. Amit Purohit in January 2020, Fantasy Akhada is a young & dynamic organization that has a vision of exponentially enhancing the level of sports engagement in India. In a short span of 8 months and after delighting over 1 lakh customers on the platform, Fantasy Akhada is now ready for the next phase of growth in India’s rapidly evolving Fantasy Sports Industry. This phase will not only witness the brand’s accelerated growth in the traditional Daily Fantasy Sports format but will also witness the expansion of the brand’s horizon in terms of driving sports engagement amongst Indian audiences by linking it to the thrill of cricket and enjoyment of sports via different game play options.

On association with Fantasy Akhada, Harsha Bhogle, Indian Commentator said; "I have always been interested in fantasy sport because it allows fans to test their wits against others and allow them to be more involved. Fantasy Akhada is an initiative of hard-core sports lovers who understand the fan and fantasy sport and I enjoy seeing young, driven people trying to move ahead. I am hoping Fantasy Akhada will become a platform where fans can congregate and enjoy playing fantasy sport".

Amit Purohit, Founder, Fantasy Akhada elaborates that; “We are excited to have Harsha, a stalwart in the world of cricket, join us as an investor at this stage of our journey. When we decided to look for a brand icon for Fantasy Akhada, we aimed at having someone who has an immensely powerful brand image in the minds of the Indian Cricket Fans. We were also clear that it was not just about getting a face for the brand but, in fact, we wanted someone who shares our vision that we have for the business and believes in it wholeheartedly. We are a young organization and we would also be looking at Harsha as a mentor to us from time to time. Hence, we are humble yet highly enthusiastic to have Mr. Bhogle onboard with us.”

“This is a long-term partnership wherein apart from being the face of the brand, he will also guide us in this journey thanks to his vast experience and in-depth knowledge in the world of sports, especially Cricket. We are also very sure that his understanding of fan behavior/preferences and strong business background will help us in planning the next phase of growth for our startup.” Amit added.

Over the next few months, the company plans to leverage the funding raised so far coupled with Harsha Bhogle’s association to drive the next phase of growth. Over the next quarter, on the back of IPL 2020 and a packed cricket calendar, driving the critical metrics aggressively for the Daily Fantasy Sports model will be a key focus area for the organization. While the brand continues to move up the ladder and strengthen its position in the traditional DFS ecosystem, it also intends to push the Predictions Game & Match Club Format and ask people to sample the same in a big way during the IPL. Fantasy Akhada has been growing by more than 100% month on month post the lockdown on sports ended globally and now with Harsha’s association just before IPL 2020, the growth rate is expected to be astonishing.

Another key focus area where the company aims to invest a lot of time, thought and resources is Customer Engagement and Retention. In its 8-month long journey, Fantasy Akhada has displayed phenomenal retention levels thanks to the 24*7 dedicated customer care, instant problem resolution and safe and quick withdrawals. Maintaining the levels of customer satisfaction and subsequently improving them, irrespective of scale, will be an equal focus area for the organization.

About the company:

Fantasy Akhada is the flagship product of a Fantasy Sports Startup, based out of Gurgaon. The company has raised over USD 175,000 so far (in 8 months) via Angel Investors who believe in the vision of the Company. The company believes that Fantasy Sports is a key lever in enhancing the sports engagement of a fan/viewer. The platform has something to offer for the entire spectrum of Sports Fans. From the Predictions Game, which is for the casual fans, to various formats of Fantasy Sports, Fantasy Akhada aims to provide a wide range of game play options to sports fans in this country.

The platform currently offers only Cricket and Football and will be soon expanding to Basketball as well. On Fantasy Akhada, users can first hone their skills by playing Practice (Free) Contests. For those who wish to WIN money using their sports knowledge and selection skills, there are Public Cash Contests and Private Contests on the platform as well. Whether you are up for bragging rights or the money, come join us on https://www.fantasyakhada.com/


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