100X.VC has officially announced its Class 02 investments - 9 seed-stage start-ups from diverse sectors, at the all online VC Pitch Day, held on 18th September 2020. There were 1500+ investors from across the world who registered for the event. 

Class 02 startups were funded through iSAFE notes, which have been pioneered by 100X.VC and has become a popular instrument for early stage investments.

100X.VC has partnered with many of the leading VCs in the Indian startup ecosystem. All these Growth stage VCs, and many hundreds more, attended the online VC Pitch Day to see 100X.VC’s Class 02 startups. Selected from a batch of over 4,500 applications, these startups are promoted by bright founders looking to disrupt their respective industries.


Prior to the VC Pitch Day, Class 02 startups attended master classes by industry experts, successful founders and prep sessions organized by the 100X.VC team. The sessions helped Class 02 startup founders learn more about business model validation, investor relations, term sheet agreements and various key topics.


Ninad Karpe, Partner at 100X.VC said, “We are delighted to present the nine exciting startups as part of our Class 02. We have faced unprecedented challenges this year and are proud of our Class 02 startups who have displayed tenacity, determination and perseverance to pursue their vision.”


He added, “These startups traverse diverse sectors with their innovative ideas endeavouring to make our world a better place to live. At 100X.VC, we are confident that each startup of Class 02 is capable of becoming a leader in its space."


Class 02 Startup Details:


Fyllo: An AgriTech startup that uses an IoT device to capture the environmental factors of a piece of agricultural land, providing farmers with accurate and timely information for irrigation, fertigation, harvesting, soil composition, infestation risks, pesticide levels etc. https://www.fyllo.in


Mindpeers: A Holistic Mental health-tech platform providing real time self-care diagnosis and clinical based assistance and allows individuals and employers to understand behavioural data, match it to mental health solutions needed and measure the return on mental health costs. https://mindpeers.co


Pracify: An HR Tech marketplace that helps companies to scale using their network of on-demand (“gig”) workers comprising India's youth who are paid on a 'pay-per-performance' system. https://pracify.com


BatteryPool: An Electric Vehicle-as-a-Service startup that is developing plug and play products - Saas and API solutions to foster mass adoption of electric 2 wheelers (2W) in India by creating an environmentally sustainable and financially viable alternative to traditional micromobility 2W options. https://www.batterypool.com


Jetsons Robotics: A robotics startup manufacturing 2-axis, fully autonomous, water-free, rooftop solar panel cleaning robots to benefit EPC’s customers with extra generation worth $4000/annum/MW. https://www.jetsonsrobotics.com


Ava: A healthcare app to help women with chronic conditions like PCOS, with their deep-tech enabled programs. It is also striving to build a community of women to discuss everything about wellness and health. https://myava.in


SAWO Labs: A customer-centric, standardized and device-based secure authentication solution for apps and websites, removing the need for password authentications and OTPs.  https://sawolabs.com


Our Eye.ai: An AI solution for F&B enterprises and cloud kitchens to monitor Standard Operating Procedures to ensure quality controls and accelerate real-time efficiency from decision to action. https://www.oureye.ai


SharedPro: A web marketplace connecting companies to identify and co-hire talent on sharing, streamlined through their talent acquisition platform. https://sharedpro.in


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