In line with Prime Minister Narendra Modi's vision Atma Nirbhar Bharat, mobility tech start up firm EVage introduces India's first home-built 'Exoskeleton Structure' that will provide a common platform for launch of  SUVs, Vans, Delivery Vehicles and Trucks.

The disruptive technology innovation, from which as many as seven different kinds of vehicles can be produced, has been put together by a special team including aeronautical engineers who have worked on manufacturing European supersonic planes and world class missile propulsion systems apart. The team came together five years back with the aim of easing the pain of manufacturing electric vehicles and bringing them within the reach of the common man in India.

"In these last five years of R&D, we have redefined the way vehicles are built, we design our EVs like one would look at manufacturing aerospace structures, this is a key differentiator in our approach towards building a 'new-age' car company," said  Inderveer Singh, Founder & CEO, EVage.

"Our differentiated approach is a result of the kind of team we built," he said. "Our team of highly specialised experts have proven the efficacy of this first-of-its-kind 'Exoskeleton Structure' in India. We have built our first vehicle in the logistics sector - a four wheel commercial van that has done a test run of over 100,000 kms," Mr. Singh said.

The strong team of over 20 engineers include :

  • An aeronautical engineer with vast experience in design & stress analysis of aerospace (supersonic planes and fighter jets) and auto.

  • Auto design guru – worked with one of the world's largest Japanese auto conglomerates and has also worked with the UN on mobility issues.

  • A battery expert – who headed the 1st Lithium-ion manufacturing plant in India.

  • A digital manufacturing and patent expert.

  • The EVage crack team working on this project has over 30 patents already awarded to them.

Other significant innovations achieved in the last five years of R&D:

  • Aerospace inspired structure / Focus on light weighting

  • Innovation in the bio-friendly material - lighter and stronger than steel

  • Focused on modularity – assembly and design, EVage can customise the product

  • Proprietary e-platform chassis

  • Integrated powertrain – motor controller, gear box and battery made from scratch

About EVage

EVage is a mobility tech start-up conceptualised in 2014 with the endeavour to disrupt the mobility industry. EVAge's first product is in the 4 wheeler commercial vehicle segment. It currently employs around 30 people at its R&D centre in Mohali, India. For more detail -


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