New breakthrough allows professional web creators to oversee and implement a design system thereby reducing design debt, eliminating inconsistencies and saving precious time

Elementor, the leading WordPress website building platform, announced today that with their new version 3.0 release, website designers can, for the first time, implement an advanced and comprehensive design system on WordPress sites.

Elementor's new functionality gives web design professionals the ability to view and control any web element on their sites from a centralized hub, thus streamlining the implementation of a design system. With it, users can now apply sitewide changes to overall layout, typography, color, style, images, logos, favicons, buttons, and form fields.

Implementing design system capabilities means advanced website builders can now cut through workflows, design and edit new and existing websites at lightning speeds, shortening time-to-market while maintaining brand and visual consistency.

With WordPress powering 38% of all websites on the internet - at 15 times the size of its closest competitor - this release brings a new way of designing websites to the largest web creation environment in the world. The new breakthrough rolled out by Elementor builds on the advantages provided by the open source platform including its flexibility, customization and adaptability to changing needs, and adds a new dimension to WordPress.

"Elementor V3.0 brings comprehensive design system capabilities to WordPress and allows website creators to build sites in ways previously not possible," said Yoni Luksenberg, CEO of Elementor. "By allowing users to spend less time on unnecessary legwork, they can shift focus to the important aspects of their design. With Elementor V3.0, we are providing our community not only with powerful features, but we are also enabling a new professional standard in a way that will revolutionize the workflow of web creators and designers."

About Elementor

Elementor is the leading website builder platform on WordPress. Serving over 5 million websites, Elementor's code-free, open-source platform, empowers web professionals including web developers, designers, and marketers in 152 markets. Elementor's mission is to radically simplify web building, enabling web professionals and agencies to unleash their creative and business potential. For more information visit or follow us on Facebook.


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