Tevatel India's leading telecom software solutions provider has launched a disruptive cloud telephony platform (doocti), a utility tool that aims to revolutionise the sales support systems. As businesses adapt to the new normal, there have been numerous internal changes and alterations in the business processes for enhanced collaboration, flexibility, and business continuity.

Enterprises, mid-sized firms, start-ups, or MSMEs are losing a considerable business every year due to poor sales and customer service.

Highlighting the solution, Nagarajan Prakash, Co-Founder & Director, Tevatel said, “With doocti, organisations can benefit from exponentially results in sales efficiency enhancement and can retain up to 89% customers. The multi-featured automated dialer systems match up to every calling requirement and help get contextual data on the lead. The tool helps identify the incoming caller and can demonstrate results from the customer records in real-time. Integrating call center capabilities in the existing CRM, Tevatel’s advanced phone system software helps enterprises drive sales efficiently.” 

doocti equips the modern-day call centre with the following features - 

  • Call Routing: The tool allows specific calls to the predetermined queue, which is decided based on specific criteria.

  • Call Transfer: It relocates an existing call to another agent if the actual agent is busy or the caller needs some specific information.

  • Ring Groups: Sharing the distribution of incoming calls through a group of extensions using ring groups feature.

  • Call QueuingThe solution places the incoming calls to be answered in a queue, while the extension users are busy attending other calls.

  • Useful Analysis and Insights: Timely tracking agents' performances and call data help in generating essential team leads and strategies for management and action.

  • doocti is Highly Collaborative: Setting up a single platform for all the calling work demands all-agent supportive communication devices such as mobiles, handsets, and IP Phones.

  • Automation of Tasks: Seamless automation of almost all manual work done from the agent’s results in better customer interaction.

  • Deliver at Scale: It supports 30+ application integrations across various categories of sales, CRM, consumer support, and others.

With doocti, Tevatel aims to empower Call-centre 2.0 with multi-channel, multi-function features for enhanced customer engagements. Digital transformation has enabled contact centres with advanced capabilities on handling both inbound and outbound calls and maintaining omnichannel customer engagement platforms. 

Tevatel aims to empower enterprises to connect with their stakeholders in an entirely new way. With numerous success stories, Tevatel has been helping India’s leading healthcare services, fintech companies, banks, edu-tech start-ups, and several BPOs to function and transform processes to advance customer engagement and boost sales efficiencies.

About Tevatel (doocti):

Incepted in 2007, Tevatel is a leading Telecom software solutions provider for modern business offering best-in-class cloud telephony products and services. Tevatel empowers people and organizations to innovate, increase operational efficiency, reduce costs, and stay ahead of the competition. Headquartered in Chennai, Tevatel is built on open standards-based Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP), enabling customers to leverage cloud solutions without investing heavily in CAPEX or OPEX. Whether on-premises or as a hosted cloud-based solution, Tevatel’s solutions reflect years of experience, continual efforts in R & D, skilled workforce, and commitment to deliver simple yet powerful solutions to meet customer’s business challenges. 


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